Report: Bennett More Concerned with Personal Advancement than His Constituents


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The party sources insist that Bennett is working to become foreign minister since it represents a significant personal accomplishment but this will come at the expense of controlling ministries including education, transportation and religious services and they feel this is what Bayit Yehudi voters want. The sources quoted anonymously feel voters do not care if Bennett is the foreign minister for this will have less of an impact on their lives and the lives of their families while the other ministries will impact their lives on a daily basis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. the “party source” stays anonymous for a reason – probably because he’s really representing only his own interest in gaining one of those positions for himself. Bennett would be phenomenal for Am Yisrael as Foreign Minister.

  2. I agree completely Shoshana. Naftali Bennett has risked his life for Am Yisrael and was responsible for Bayit Yehudi polling around 18 mandates after the Gaza War. His party stands for unity of the nation, unity of the Land and love of the Torah. I myself have noticed a significant anti-bennett bias on this website which is simply uncalled for and loshon hora. He is an outstanding spokesmen for the Jewish people.

  3. “I myself have noticed a significant anti-bennett bias on this website which is simply uncalled for”

    Wonder how come?

    Care for a small sampling?

    “Three weeks later[ed:in Feb 2013], it appears that the newly elected Knesset members upon whom I (along with so many others) pinned so much hope, are holding fast to their principles. The two harbingers of change, Yesh Atid and Jewish Home, who together represent more than 25 percent of the Knesset, have joined forces to make sure that the new agendas (along with justice for veteran soldiers and young couples) are advanced. The new MK’s are busy laying the groundwork for the ‘something new,’ for the ‘future’ they pledged to foster. One promising sign of the times was Dr. Ruth Calderon’s(YshAtd) unprecedented Talmud lesson in her maiden speech in the Knesset. Another indication of things moving in the right direction are the signs that the new parties will support the candidacy of Rabbi David Stav for Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi.”


    ‘Last Chance for Beit Shemesh’
    Naftali Bennett warns that Beit Shemesh city elections could be the city’s ‘last chance.’

    First Publish: 8/11/2013, 11:48 AM

    …“We can’t have anyone who isn’t hareidi voting for anyone who isn’t Eli Cohen. To me, that’s a top strategic goal,” he stated.

  4. anIsraeliYid says:
    March 3, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Everyone is screaming abount Bennett’s “betrayal” of the Chareidim, but what does Bennett owe them? They are not his constituency, and after the insults they flung his way during the election, it is the hight of Chutzpa to turn around and accuse him of “betrayal”. Perhaps the Likud’s “betrayal” of its so-called “natural partners” in Bayit Yehudi deserves more attention, no? If anything, Bennett deserves credit for keeping his agreement with Yesh Atid despite all the pressure he’s under to break it. Imagine that – a politician, and an Israeli politician no less – who actually honors his word.