PHOTOS: Levaya In Yerushalayim Of 7 Sassoon Children Z”L (Photos By JDN)


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  1. Stop!!!! Enough!!!!

    Do unto others as you want others to do to you.

    Would you like pictures of your family at your funeral posted on the Internet.


    We get the point

  2. From the pen of my heart flows sorrow
    Something terribly tragic happen on shabbos that no person can fathom. A family was torn asunder. Seven pure and lofty souls left us, left us bewildered, left us tormented and shaken.
    We stand confused as a haze of feeling and thoughts race through our minds as we try so hard to hold onto our beliefs and clarity .But then , only then a small parting in the massive clouds of darkness allows a bit of light thru. I look around , all around and I feel it. Continents apart, separated by expansive seas , diverse cultural backgrounds and opposing outlooks don’t divide us . We are one people .yes, one family’s pain is our pain, one family’s tragedy is our tragedy. From every corner of our world the pain flows. Everyone cries and everyone prays.
    Why, Why I ask myself does this beam of light ,this unity , this oneness , this concern , this love for one another seam to only come when those dark clouds cover our lives. Why I ask do we need wars ,enemies, death and sorrow to unite us. Please Hashem I ask, in the name of all the Jewish people, help us , help us be one nation both in bad times and good. Amen