Hundreds of Votes from the Arab Sector Went to Yahadut Hatorah


yhaThe Central Election Committee counted 406 votes for Yahadut Hatorah in voting station number 3 in the Israeli Arab municipality of Jassr a-Zarka. However, according to the original record for the voting station, those votes went to the Arab bloc and somehow, they were changed to Yahadut Hatorah.

The video shows this along with a picture of the screen from the Central Election Committee computer showing 72.37% of the vote in that station went to the chareidim – a less than likely occurrence on the best of days. The Arab bloc received no votes!

The original handwritten record shows 406 votes to the Arab bloc and zero for Yahadut Hatorah. It might be a simple error hitting the keyboard when the handwritten information was entered into the system.

In the Israeli Arab municipality of Um el-Fahm 458 votes went to the Economy Party, once again possibly a data entry error?

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Those hundreds of extra votes for UTJ ended up going to Shas due to the surplus voting agreement between UTJ and Shas ended up giving UTJ’s extra votes to Shas who got an additional seat as a result.

  2. UTJ , Shas and and all who are traditional,should have a core commonality of Family values that c/should provide a basis to be mutually built upon !

    They ought to welcome the large arab contingent and use the new Term as an crucial opportunity to somewhat finally bury the hatchet !

    While this will seem to some as naive, but they are most probably unaware that in the past the Arab leadership have stated that of all the reasons for their opposition to the state of Israel, the most serious one is the degenerate morality that the state continues to flaunt and foist on their whole region.

    “ Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil; our great hope lies in developing what is good. ”

    — Calvin Coolidge

  3. To #3,
    Calvin Coolidge is not a Navi, nor a Rebbe/Gadol. He was a president of the USA and did not have access to “divine knowledge”, so his quote (while it is inspirational) can not be taken as the Absolute truth. Working with people who attack IDF soldiers (Zoabi, for example), seems to be a horrible idea. The Arabs may blame their hate on “Zionism”, but the fact remains that what they truly want is to replace Israel with the “Islamic State Of Palestine”. Anyone familiar with ISIS or Hamas understands that Jews would not be able to survive in such a country.

  4. #4

    In regards to Zoabi ,you’re probably correct.

    For the others
    Read this [Translated ]article from a Hard Liner in The Makor Rishon newspaper:

    by Moshe Feiglin

    Nov. 5, ’13

    Arab Knesset Members’ horror show during the Interior Committee session on Jewish rights to pray on the Temple Mount is business as usual. The general public may see these MKs as uncultured and unmannered hooligans. There are actually a few Arab MKs who fit that description, but since I have been in the Knesset I have learned that most of them are cultured people. Some of them are even friendly and well-mannered. But when the cameras turn on – particularly the Arab media cameras – they all try to outdo the obnoxiousness of Ahmad Tibi. They shout, curse and make a ruckus – a real jungle.

    Why do they act this way? Why do the Arab MKs go wild when they think their constituents can see them? Is this a testimony to the low level of their voter-base or to something deeper? In private conversation with me quite a few Arab citizens have admitted their discomfort with this behavior. The intelligent Arab public understands very well that Ahmad Tibi does not bring them great honor. Tibi is a hooligan, riddled with inferiority complexes, but he is not stupid. Why does he act this way?

    The answer is that it is Israeli society that has created the Arab MKs uncivilized behavior.

    The State of Israel attempted to build a new Israeli identity, detached from its previous identities. We wanted to be a nation like all other nations. To accomplish that, we invented Israeli-ness: Not as another tier on the shoulders of Judaism, but as a new identity. If only Jews could be Israeli, the reasoning goes, then we have not yet built a new identity – all we have managed to do is exchange our Jewish identity for a new, political garb. If we really want a completely new Israeli identity that is independent of Judaism, then we need the Arabs. They are the largest non-Jewish ethnic minority that we have in Israel. If they cannot be Israelis, then our attempt to build a new Israeli identity will have failed. To put it succinctly, the Israeli needs the Arab to help him forget that he is a Jew.

    Now we can better understand the Arab MKs. They represent a large constituency whose national identity has always been and always will be attached to the larger Arab nation. The modern state-nation invention does not interest them. In any case, those nation-states are disintegrating in all 22 puppet states that Western imperialism established in the Middle East following World War I. They are Arabs, and now the Jews come and tell them that they are Israelis. They justifiably reject the attempt to force a new identity up on them with scorn. But they have no choice – they live here. So they live a dichotomy in which their existence contradicts their identity.

    The Arab MKs are in the worst predicament of all. They are not just ordinary citizens who carry their Israeli ID cards so that they can collect social security; they are part of the beating heart of Israeliness. What can be more Israeli than being a Knesset Member? So the Arab MKs have to constantly demonstrate contempt, scorn, rudeness and worse – simply because they must always prove to their constituents that they have not lost their Arab identity.

    And the Israelis?

    They are also captive to the same dichotomy. Just as the Arab MK must always scorn the Israeli just to preserve his Arab identity, so, for precisely the same reason, the Jew must pander to the Arab misconduct in order to maintain his new Israeli identity.

    It is a strange costume ball.The Jews come to the ball with the Israeli mask and force the Arabs to come with a similar Israeli mask. This mask is very uncomfortable for the Arabs and they try to squirm out of it with increasing rudeness. But if they take off their masks, everyone will understand that the only other people left with the masks are Jews – not Israelis – (just) Jews!

    So the Jews are willing to put up with any kind of behavior, as long as the Arabs continue to wear their masks. The Supreme Court will never remove them from the Knesset. Tibi will pour water and turn his back on the speakers, an MK spying for the enemy in real time will be allowed to leave Israel without trial, Zoabi will go for a ride on the Marmara and more.

    “You have to thank me for being willing to be here,” said Hanin Zoabi in the Knesset plenum.. And she’s right..