Our Place Campaign Hits $100k Goal in 7 hours; Matching Bonus-Round for $30k Starts Now to Raise Funds for Life-Saving Services


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A NEW generous group of Matchers have committed to match DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $130,000!

Hurry the clock is ticking!


It was all-or-nothing for Our Place this morning with the kick off of a massive 24 hour fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 for the community centers that provide a full array of services to troubled teens.  Now a new new $30,000 match has been announced.

“We need people to help us in our work,” said Our Place’s executive director Rabbi Aryeh Young.  “We are the largest hands-on organization dealing with these kids day-in and day-out and we make sure to be there for them in so many ways; getting them jobs, into rehabs, therapy and just making sure they have a bed to sleep in and don’t go to bed hungry.”


Our Place helped over 1,000 at risk teens and young adults in 2014, intervening in over 100 cases of sexual abuse, placing more than 250 teens and young adults in drug rehabilitation programs and intervening in over 150 arrests.  An average of 100 teens visited Our Place’s drop in centers each night last year, with 25,000 meals served.

For some of those teens, it was the only meal they ate all day.

“Our Place is so much more than just a drop-in center,” said Yossi Yurowitz.  “We placed 85 teens in jobs last year and also provide school placements and our Girls Drop-In Center is booming.  We have on site therapists, recreational programming, deal with legal issues and provide support to pregnant teens and abuse victims. How much do we charge for our services? Not a single dime.  We just do our best to shower these kids with all the love we can.”

The Living Room, Our Place’s young adult sobriety program, has proved to be a lifeline for so many on the road to recovery.

“A lot of people ask me why I go to The Living Room and what it does for me,” said one young woman from Passaic.  “The Living Room is where my life began. It was where I made the decision to get clean.  The Living Room became a home for me. It was a place for me to work on myself without leaving my Judaism behind … If not for The Living Room I would be completely disconnected from Judaism and probably dead. Once I tell anyone that … they never ask again.”

The past few months have proven to be exceptionally busy for Our Place.

“This year, we have tragically seen an exponential rise in overdoses and suicides in the frum community,” noted Rabbi Young.  “We continue to do everything we can for our kids but we need the support of our community so that we can continue meeting those challenges every day.”

For, Our Place’s Charidy campaign go to www.charidy.com/ourplace1