Israel Police Signal Serious Indictments Expected in Government Corruption Investigation


mishtIsrael Police Chief Yochanan Danino reports that the investigation into high-level government corruption has progressed and indictments are to be expected. It is announced that the prosecution has signed on a number of state witnesses who will be used to incriminate other government officials, including a number of persons affiliated with the Yisrael Beitenu party.

One of the main suspects in the case is Yisrael Beitenu Deputy Minister of the Interior Fanny Kirschenbaum. She did not run in the recent elections for 20th Knesset since she knows as an elected official it would be most difficult for her to maintain her silence during questioning as she has done to date.

It is reported that a related but different investigation was launched too, labeled “242”, and this involves a number of people who are not affiliated with Yisrael Beitenu.

According to reports, four Members of Knesset will soon be summoned for questioning. Danino did not release details but confirms additional suspects will soon be called in for questioning. He added the investigation has been ongoing without the recent elections influencing the actions of investigators.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)