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PHOTO: Chasidic Man Makes Kiddush Hashem At Scene of Manhattan Building Collapse By Handing Out Pastries


Mr. Chaim Mordche Perlmuter, who owns “Moshes Bakery” in Manhattan at 2nd Ave and 7th Street, made a national Kiddush Hashem after the building collapse at that location.

The photo speaks for itself.

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  1. I have been to “Moshes Bakery” numerous times, and his pastries taste great. …. I know the block where the atrocious ex/implosion occurred extremely well.

  2. There is great Chesed going on in many many many Jewish communities, in fact, every Jewish community has great chased,

    BUT, I must say that the Chesed of Yidden in NEW YORK IS AMAZING! I could cite examples but it would take up too much space!

  3. He is my cousin a satmar chusid and he like all other satmar chasidim are always only doing good things.
    satmar is the best.

  4. Beautiful. Really.
    The real Kiddush Hashem is when mitzvos are performed. Chillul Hashem is when they are transgressed. This is nice, very nice; but it’s extra credit.

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