Polish Jewish Cemetery Targeted in Vandalism Attack


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cemA Jewish cemetery in the southern Polish town of Olkusz was targeted by vandals including graffiti “Jews get out” sprayed on matzeivos. The name “Jan Pawel” was also painted on one kever, believed to be a reference to Pope John Paul II.

It is reported the cemetery does not have a guard and therefore, carrying out such an attack is easy.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s obvious the hate filled muslim Jew haters are busy in Poland too. Two days ago it was Bosnia. Now it’s Poland.
    Again we see no mention of Israel.
    That’s because they hate all Jews, religious or not, in Israel or not.
    Have you ever seen pictures of them?
    They are deeply interested in being forever angry and bitter.
    They are forever filled with hate and murder. On the outside they talk about love and peace.
    True fakers.