Rabbi Pinto Lands in Israel And Suffers a Cardiac Incident


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pintoRabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto landed in Israel as the legal process against him continues. He arrived with a physician escort as he is battling a serious illness and recently underwent a number of complicated surgeries and medical procedures in New York City.

On the flight home, Rav Pinto suffered a cardiac incident and he was transported to Beilinson Hospital where he underwent a cardiac catheterization. He remains admitted at this time.

Despite his complicated medical condition, the rav was compelled to return home to Israel as the court adjudicating his case refused to grant a delay to accommodate him, as was reported by YWN-ISRAEL. The rabbi is confined to a wheelchair and has his private physician with him at all times.

Rabbi Pinto is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, 25 Nissan at which time the criminal indictment against him will be read. Rabbi Pinto made a deal with the prosecution setting a maximum jail term in return for his testimony against other defendants.

Persons close to the rav are angry over the court’s decision, blaming his latest medical complication on the fact he was compelled to fly when he should have remained under close medical care in New York City.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. To: YWN Israel desk
    You worded the article in a way that you believe that he probably deserves a criminal indictment. You are in the news business. Right? Didn’t you notice many times that an error was made or maybe someone lied and that person is really not a criminal? Why are you jumping to conclusions. Lets wait for the Judge to make his decision. He is going to listen to both sides of the story. It is human nature to only listen to one side of the story. You also mentioned that he is making a deal and he is going to testify against other people. Can you tell us who is the source of this news. I don’t believe he would do that. Could it be that your source is lying to you.

  2. Avraham get real. Rabbi Pinto has already made a plea bargain with the prosecution whereby he has admitted crimes and agreed to serve a jail term. He will get a shortened term for being a moiser. He has agreed to speak out in a State criminal court against another Yid. Great example to others.