Israeli Court Rejects a Request to Delay the Trial of Rav Pinto


pintoThe Tel Aviv District Court has rejected a requested filed by the defense attorney of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, seeking to push off the trial due to the rav’s serious medical condition.

The rav did not appear for a hearing last month since he is hospitalized in a NYC hospital and has undergone serious surgical procedures as he flights a serious illness. The court last month refused a similar request to delay the trail against the rav, who faces charges including tax evasion and fraud.

On Sunday, 23 Nissan, the court rejected the latest request for a delay. During the upcoming session, the agreement reached with Rav Pinto to be a state witness is to be read before the court. Despite presenting the court with medical documentation from members of the rav’s medical team, Justice Oded Mudrick did not grant a delay despite the fact that doctors explained in letters to the court that the rav is too ill to fly from NYC to Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)