Avraham Trager Indicted in HaPeles Case


pelesFollowing the arrests of over 20 people suspected of being involved in an extortion ring to benefit the HaPeles newspaper affiliated with the Bnei Torah party, a criminal indictment was filed against the main player on Sunday, 23 Nissan.

Avraham Trager faces charges of telephone harassment and extortion against potential advertisers. The indictment accuses him of using dozens of activists who called and harassed senior managers and executives of large companies and government companies at all hours of the day and night to compel them to advertise in HaPeles.

Speaking with Kol Berama Radio on Tuesday morning 25 Nissan, Trager explained he is not afraid of the indictment, citing if one was to read it one would see that had to pull laws that are not in use off the shelf to find charges to file against him. He dismissed the indictment as unreasonable and not something to be concerned about.

An attorney interviewed alongside with Trager has quite a different outlook stating the charges filed against him are serious indeed and the indictment represents the seriousness of the case built against the defendant.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If the charges are indeed true, he should be put thrown in prison with the other dregs of society! We will see how tough this arrogant piece of garbage is then!

  2. Are the Bnei Torah party on good terms with Shas? Trager can ask Deri for tips on how to survive in jail, then on his release and after the next elections when Bnei Torah have knesset seats, he can demand to be appointed a mInister of the State of Israel.