EU Nations Insisting on ‘Made in the West Bank’ Designation on Imports


abaslPA (Palestinian Authority) victories over Israel may not necessarily be evident in the battlefield but they are evident in other areas.

One area in which Israel is being hit hard is the success enjoyed by the PA among European Union nations, that are now insisting that goods manufactured in areas viewed as “Israeli occupied” be marked “Made in the West Bank” to permit shoppers to bypass these items if they do not wish to “support the occupation”.

The latest ruling by EU nations was approved by foreign ministers of 16 nations and the EU Foreign Affairs spokesperson confirmed a letter to this nature was received on 24 Nissan. It is explained they have decided to finally enforce a decision that was reached in 2012.

The EU nations that signed the letter include France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Malta, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Holland, and Luxembourg. Nations that did not sign include Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. In the 30s these nations wanted us to go to Palestine – now they want us out! Are they now, all of the sudden, re-opening their doors for us???

  2. The Europeans will be punished measure for measure…..
    The day of 9/11 the blood thirsty Palastanian creatures were giving out candy.
    During the London Bombing they were celebrating when they saw how the British citizens were murdured in cold blood.
    The day will come when the Master of the world will evict justice on these Anti- Semetic bigots who rather support an enemy against the children of the creator and his Holy Land.
    The day will come…..

  3. Technically, all of Israel is on the west Bank. So why not label ALL products “Made in Israel which is located on the West Bank of the Jordan”

  4. A reminder:”Netanyahu won the battle (the elections) but lost the war(the world sympathy)”.
    This EU decision is just a first. If the Netanyahu-Bennet-Liberman troika don´t modify their right wing policies, which they won´t, more and harder EU, US and UN decisions against Israel will come.

  5. 1. Israel doesn’t claim to own the West Bank. Under Israeli law, the West Bank is a foreign country (with special laws governing Israeli citizens living in the settlements which give them most but not all rights as Israelis living in Israel). Most Israeli reject any solution that will result in the West Bank being annexed to Israel (not what percentage the pro-annexation parties get in elections).

    2. Most of the world agrees with the Arabs that all of Israel is occupied territory, and it doesn’t make any differnce if a settlement was founded in 1908 or 2008. The Europeans and Americans are quite moderate in that they’ll support some sort of Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael, if the Israelis can ever get the rest of the world to sign off on it (but not that the US never recognized the 1949 boundaries – if they did the embassy would be in West Jerusalem).

  6. I once heard from someone (not someone super famous) that the reason for the UN is that when Moshiach comes all the nations will try and say how they were nice to the Jews and were helpful. So Hashem will “show” them all the UN activities as documented proof against them. I suspect the same logic could be applied to the EU.