Yahadut Hatorah to Receive a First Draft Coalition Agreement on Monday


gimAfter over 13 coalition negotiating sessions and many unofficial meetings and discussions, Yahadut Hatorah on Monday 2 Iyar is expected to receive the first draft copy of the coalition agreement. This agreement will be reviewed by the various MKs and of course given to the admorim for approval.

Significant progress was reported in recent days in talks between Yahadut Hatorah and Likud representatives. It appears that Yaakov Litzman will be serving as deputy minister of health with ministerial authority, Meir Porush as deputy minister of education and Moshe Gafne as chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee.

Barring any surprises, Yahadut Hatorah may be the first party to sign on to the new coalition. On Wednesday 3 Iyar the 28-day mandate to assemble a coalition expires and the new 14-day extension begins ticking down.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The agreement also stipulates that the new government will overturn the chareidi draft, restore funding that was cut back, and overturn the Ger law the last government implemented. In a nutshell, all of Yair Lapid’s anti-chareidi laws will be reversed beforethey ever came into effect. Lapid got nothing out of his entering the last government.

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    There is still one anti-jewish and anti-moral law on the books:All Gov’t Documents instead of stating Father and Mother as formerly now state Parent 1 and Parent 2 ,and all that that applies with regards to adoption,etc.

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    The Geirus havoc was as much the culpability/responsibility of kippa wearing Elazar Stern with help from Bennet and Ben Dahan,

    as Yesh Atid