Bennett Willing to Accept Education Portfolio


benBayit Yehudi party leader Minister Naftali Bennett seems to have had a change of heart and he has informed Prime Minister Netanyahu that  he is willing to accept the Education Ministry portfolio. Bennett had first set his sights on becoming defense or foreign ministry, showing a disinterest in becoming minister of education. However, dati leumi rabbonim with whom Bennett consult have stated that the Ministry of Education is extremely important, working to persuade him to change his mind. They explained to him that the dati leumi tzibur would be better served with him in charge of education rather than as foreign minister even though the latter is a more senior post.

According to the news report, Bennett is demanding three posts for his party of eight seats; Education, Agriculture, Sport and Education.

Bennett seems to have been left out in ongoing negotiations as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the past week has been focusing on the chareidi parties; Shas and Yahadut Hatorah, along with Kulanu. Clearly the tensions between Bennett and the prime minister from the last administration and Bayit Yehudi’s failure to bring in the votes has left Bennett without an optimal bargaining position.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)