Baltimore Police on Edge After Learning that Local Gangs are Trying to ‘Take Out’ Officers


CaptureThe Baltimore Police Department has received information that a number of Baltimore area gangs have joined forces to “take out” officers.

According to a press release from the Baltimore Police department, members of the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods and Crips have partnered to harm law enforcement officials.

Police are taking this as a credible threat.
“Law enforcement agencies should take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their officers,” the statement says.


  1. I would address this with a multifaceted approach.

    1. This credible threat is no different from a declaration of war. All gang members are now fair game, and are not subject to the privileges of prosecution. Police and military may seek them out, and shoot to kill.

    2. The neighborhoods from which these gangs come should be denied all emergency services. No police protection, no fire fighting, and no ambulance service. If they challenge the first responders of the city, they lose their rights to the services. No one can expect these services to place their personnel in danger.

    3. There should be a firm statement from the involved mayors, governors, the President, and the Attorney General that this behavior is unacceptable, and that no support for this rogue mentality will ever happen. Whatever resources, such as military, national guard, etc. are needed to quell the disturbances will be provided. I have little faith that the President or the AG will do this, but this together with the first two ideas might be effective. The mob mentality is intolerable, and needs to be resisted.

  2. Given What We Know About Lying Racist Police Behavior

    There is No Credible “Threat” “About Gangs”

    Remember When Tiger Woods Played in His First Masters and You heard a PIG Play his Siren When Tiger Was Over A Putt?
    Well Thats What This “Threat” is..

    Lying Ignorant Racist Cops Sat Around All Weekend Brainstorming How To Shift The Spotlight on the Day of Freddie Grays Funeral

    They Came Up With A Way To Demonize Blacks & Shift The Spotlight From The Murder & Blood on Their Hands To:
    ” Gangs of Blacks Want to Kill Cops” This Reeks of B.S.

    Now they have a built in defense for the next american They Murder

    Why Did you kill him he was unarmed?

    Racist Police:
    “I was Scared They Said Every Black Person in America Wants To Kill Me”

    they added the 3 biggest gangs to make sure no blacks could be excluded from the next murder the police commit

  3. Yup, these Obama voters are making that Democrat, Elijah Cummings/Eric Witholder, smile. Time to hit back at those evil white racists males.

  4. #1,4,5,6,7

    While they are still fully responsible and liable

    “Ein shali’ach l’dvar averah”

    Blacks [as with most ‘lower classes’] act out the subliminal messages the rest of society is producing..

    Perhaps those ‘above them’ should look inward