VIDEO: Israeli Aid Teams Departs For Nepal


Terminal One at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday night 7 Iyar looked more like an IDF base as soldiers and officers prepared to take off for the relief mission in Nepal.

The team numbers 280, including 40 physicians, most IDF reservists. Eighty members of the team will set up the field hospital. They will remain for at least two weeks and have three missions; the establishment of the field hospital, continue the rescue efforts for missing people, and of course to assist Israelis in Nepal.

IDF Homefront Command Company Commander Lt.-Colonel Liron Shapira explains the critical 12 hours since the earthquake have passed as have the 24 hours following that period, explaining that which each passing hour there is less of a chance of finding survivors.

Shapira, who has been on other similar missions like in Haiti, adds there do not know the level of the ongoing rescue efforts taking place at this time. They are aware the level of destruction is devastating.

95 tons of aid equipment was sent to Nepal in addition to the people involved in the humanitarian mission.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s very kind of Israel to go out there and help but when you read about the gay couples adopting babies from there it’s totally sickening.