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Jew Attacked After Leaving a Paris Shul

nnaOnce again a violent anti-Semitic attack in Paris. This time, a 53-year-man was attacked and beaten by three men after leaving a shul on Shabbos, 6 Iyar 5775. The newspaper Le Parisien reports the location in Saint-Ouen, a northern suburb of the French capital. The victim, Solomon, is the owner of a local grocery store.

One attacker, reported in his 20s, followed Solomon from shul shouting “dirty Jew” at him. He then became physical, kicking and spitting then he pulled a knife. While Solomon did his best to defend himself, two other attackers joined in so he was outnumbered three to one.

Police are investigating. B’chasdei Hashem the victim did not sustain serious physical injury but admittedly he is not traumatized and scared to leave his home.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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