WATCH: Convoy Of National Guard In Baltimore Jewish Community



  1. You do realize that one of the larger National Guard armories is in the middle of the frum community (with two kosher restaurants within a block). The presence of National Guard in frum Baltimore is not a sign of a problem. They live there.

  2. No, everything is fine. Where are you akuperma? Vehicles being torched, buildings deliberately set ablaze, police officers seriously injured and a city-wide night curfew; don’t worry the National Guard are always around, but how often are they patrolling the streets in full riot gear?

  3. All the reports I’ve heard are that the rioting was in the African American neighborhoods or downtown. Is Seven Mile Market being looted? Has Tov Pizza and Kosher Byte been bombed? Are people being attacked on Park Heights between Glen and Falstaff? I was at David Chu’s last night and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Why is that the Sun and WBAL think haven’t heard about any rioting in upper Park Heights? Why is the MTA running transit in the Jewish areas (they have closed stops in Black areas)?

    While it is sad if the goyim want to burn their own neighborhood, it isn’t really a problem as long they don’t bother us. As fare as i can see, the major loss to the Jewish community was that the kosher stand has lost about considerable revenue due to the Orioles being cancelled.