Baltimore Jewish Neighborhood Watch Group Issues Warning About Unrest


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nwcpThe Northwest Citizens Patrol is a Citizens Patrol organization that works to safeguard the property and persons living and visiting the upper Northwest District of Baltimore City and lower Baltimore County, Maryland. The organization works in concert with law enforcement partners. They have issued the following statement:

Important Security Alert from NWCP:

Please be aware that the NWCP has received word from the Associated and the Baltimore Jewish Council that there may be unrest and disturbance later today at “Owings Mills Mall and the Northwest”. It is unclear at this time where exactly “Northwest” refers to. Therefore, the Associated and the Baltimore Jewish Council have strongly recommended that our schools close early so that children will not be out and about later today. All community members should be careful and prudent in their decisions to go outside this afternoon and evening. We will update you if more information becomes available.