Thousands of Segulah Pushkas Distributed Internationally Through the Week of the Divrei Chaim’s Yarzeit




Refuahs, Parnasah, Shidduchim, Nachas, and more. Yeshuahs witnessed by carrying out the segulah

Through the week of the 25th of Nissan, yarzeit of the Zanz’er Rav zt”l, Regional Bikur Cholim has equipped its headquarters with phone lines aplenty, knowing that people from all over will be inquiring about the wonderful Segulah Pushka. In spite of their efforts to accommodate the overflow of callers, the staff has still struggled to meet the demand in a timely fashion. They are still busy sending out pushkas to those requesting them.

The extraordinary demand for the Segulah Pushka has been absolutely enormous this year, which reflects the critical era we are facing. Every Yid is desperate for a yeshuah of some kind, be it refuah, nachas, peace, parnassa, etc.

The Rav of Sanz Zt”l, was the “hub of hope” to all in need during his time. Countless yeshuos in many different areas were witnessed by those who came to his door crying their hearts out about their pains and troubles. His zchus has brought great merit to Yiddishe kinder.

Amongst the great miracles that occurred countless times, thanks to the “kochos” of the Divrei Chaim Zt”l, were the results of the $2―30 day segulah. This segulah, initially introduced by the Sanz’er Rav, has become more and more popular with time, especially since Regional Bikur Cholim has integrated it into its services. Yeshuas are increasingly being witnessed nowadays, and that escalates the demand for the Segulah Pushka from those who are in need and want to carry out the segulah.

The segulah is a simple and economical undertaking. Here’s how it works: You donate two dollars for the sick of klal Yisroel and recite the phrases of Yeshaya in Nach: פרק א’, phrases י”ג to ט”ז . After thirty consecutive days of carrying out this segulah, yeshuas in all matters have been witnessed by thousands of Yiden around the world.

Regional Bikur Cholim produced the popular “Segulah Pushka” specifically for this purpose. The pushka practically dictates the instructions and phrases to be recited for the segulah—and works wonders! We are indeed convinced that the great zchus of the Sanz’er Rav ztz”l remains with us forever and brings the best of blessings.

Simple Steps… Proven Segulah… Positive Results…




  1. can anyone guide me in how this pushka works? is it magic? does it work like Rabbi Pinto magic ring? can it find my daughter a shidduch in a few days? please guide me & tell me how it works?

    ever heard of betuchin & emunah in hashem? anyone that trusts in something other then Hashem lacks faith & trust in Hashem as we say in tehillim. for one that seeks out Hashem lacks nothing that is good (34.10)

    if you need ANY help go straight to Hashem for help. be it for refuah or parnassa etc…. Hashem is always right beside you & waiting for you to call out to him for help from your heart with sincerity as we say in tehillim in Ashrei Hashem is close to all who call upon him to all who call out to him with truth i.e. from their hearts.

    start a daily seder in chovos Halevovos & bring your relationship with Hshem closer every day.

  2. why Wasn’t my blog posted? its someone true honest opinion.

    the fact that it wasn’t posted on YWN means you admit to dishonesty & corruption & lack of faith in hashem.

    theres no reason not to post it other then anyones other post.

    now it has been posted on Facebook & has caused a major chillul hashem on jewish organizations. search for it on facebook & you will see what was written about this corruption…

    only way it will be removed with all its comments is if you post the message I sent earlier on YWN.