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Lapid on Coalition Agreement with Yahadut Hatorah: PM Netanyahu Gave in to a Non-Zionist Party

lapAmid news that Yahadut Hatorah is entering the new coalition, Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid released words of criticism, citing how Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave in to the demands of a “non-Zionist party”.

For Lapid, the reported coalition agreement that once again includes funding for yeshivos is an affront, for he was instrumental in cutting off those funds. Yahadut Hatorah also succeeded in efforts to undo the liberal giyur law that was passed by Lapid and his colleagues in the last Knesset. Lapid calls PM Netanyahu’s agreement with Yahadut Hatorah “a clearance sale of everything important to taxpayers”.

He accuses the prime minister of acquiescing to the chareidim at the expense of the working people. In his scathing criticism he used terms like “political blackmail”, blaming the chareidim once again for all the financial ailments of the nation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There once was a leader that scapegoated the Jews for all the ills of the country, actually there were lots of them.
    Sad part is those guys weren’t Jews, this guy is.
    I’d like to see him get away with blaming the “non-Zionist” Israeli Arabs.

    Lapid Loser…don’t give him another thought.

  2. Lapid is upset that his joining the last government and keeping it in power for as long as it was resulted in nothing for him. All his “gains” will now be reversed before they ever took effect. The draft of chareidim will be abolished before it went into effect, etc. And those were the only reasons he entered the last government. So he gave them power and ended up getting zero back.

  3. Mr. Lapid:
    1) Some of the earliest settlers in Eretz Yisroel in the past 200 years were the talimidei Baal Shem. Your relatives – the Haflaah and his brother the Rebbe Reb Shmelkeh – were among those talmidim, even if they themselves did not make aliyah, they certainly supported it.
    2) The vast majority of the old chadashim are Torah-observant Yidden. They buy homes, cars, clothes, groceries, books, furniture, and. . . Taxes.
    3) The vast majority of tourists, students, and young married couples starting their lives b’kedushah, who come to Eretz Yisroel, are Torah-observant Yidden. They rent or buy homes, cars, clothes, groceries, and furniture.
    4) Many Israelis pride themselves on the American (and/or Western homes they have including American appliances, etc.
    5) Many Israelis migrate to America looking for the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.
    So answer me, Mr. Lapid, who is supporting Eretz Yisroel and who is contributing to their economic woes (assuming they have any to begin with)?

  4. Correction:
    2) The vast majority of the olim * chadashim are Torah-observant Yidden. They buy homes, cars, clothes, groceries, books, furniture, and. . . Taxes.

  5. Tirtza,

    Comparing any Jew (including Lapid) to Hitler ym”s is uncalled for. Such comments I think shouldn’t be allowed to post on this site. Then we wonder why there are Jews who yell hateful comments & actually try to harm Israeli soldiers as was reported by Yeshiva world several times over the past few weeks.

    Thank Hashem you were raised in (or somehow found) the path of Torah and Mitzvot, but imagine for a minute if chas ve’shalom you weren’t and were instead a secular Israei. Your children did army service, you worried about them day and night etc. What would think about a segment of society who mostly don’t do army service,and who are admittedly not (or even anti) Zionist. And they form your governments coalition in the Zionist knesset. You would be mad. People who are angry and complain are far from being anything like Nazi’s, and their grievances are understandable.

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