Pro-Israel Group Asks Judge To Override NYC Bus Ad Ban


buLawyers for a pro-Israel organization whose advertisement containing the phrase “Hamas Killing Jews” was rejected for New York City buses have asked a judge to order the ads be displayed anyway.

The lawyers made the request of a federal judge Thursday. The request came a day after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority banned all political ads on subways and buses.

The MTA’s board voted after the judge ordered the agency to display the ads earlier this month, saying they were protected by the First Amendment. But the judge had immediately stayed the effect of his order so the MTA would have time to appeal.

Attorneys for the American Freedom Defense Initiative called the MTA’s decision a “disingenuous attempt to circumvent” the judge’s order and asked him to lift his stay.



  1. What we have here is “political correctness” gone wild!!!
    When anti-Semitic groups have their rights upheld to protest shuls and similar hate groups have their rights upheld to protest American soldier’s funerals, something is wrong with this picture. The “Obama-DeBlasio” model of “political correctness” is blatantly one-sided. This is ridiculous. It is time to prominently label Hamas for the murderous, terrorist organization that it really is.

  2. They can’t ban all political ads. In fact, political ads are the hardest to ban since they are protected by the first amendment.

    The could ban all ads (or at least paid ads from non-government entitities) Or they could sell the right to advertise to a non-government entity (since private media can allow whatever advertising they want), but it would probably be seen as a sham sale.

    Given that New York City is dominated by Democrats, it is a bit risky to advertise contrary to something Democrats believe – and being anti-Jewish is now part of the Democrats version of political correctness.