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Jerusalem District Court Sentences Terrorist to 30 Years Imprisonment

prisonTerrorist Aziz Awisat was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment by the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday, 17 Iyar 5775.

Aziz was sentenced for two attacks, cutting gas lines to buildings in the Armon HaNatziv and Gilo neighborhoods of the capital and the 2012 axe attack against a Jewish man on HaNevi’im Street, wounding him seriously. Regarding the axe attack, he expressed sorrow that he did not succeed in murdering his victim.

Awisat, who is 48 and the father of six, lives in the Jabil Mukhaber area of the capital. He was found guilty of numerous counts of attempted murder.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. That disgusting filth should be executed, it would ensure he isn’t released in the next prisoner “deal”.

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