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Cyber Warfare Chareidi Hesder Yeshiva

hackThe relatively new Derech Chaim Hesder Yeshiva in Moshav Nachalim is likely to become a popular option for many. The new yeshiva is designed for chareidi talmidim and it specializes in teaching cyber warfare, offering limud Torah and a promising post-military career for interested candidates. The yeshiva is headed by Ramat Beit Shemesh resident Rabbi Karmi Gross, a member of that city’s English-speaking chareidi community. While the yeshiva has been operating for a year, it was kept a quiet secret for fear of opposition in the frum community and a first class of 14 talmidim already exists.

The yeshiva schedule includes 45 hours weekly of limud along with 20 hours of technological studies. Adding to the attraction is that in years three and four, talmidim will begin serving in the IDF Cyber Warfare and Intelligence Units.

It appears IDF officials are excited about the program too, and the yeshiva is likely to add additional studies this year, engineering at the behest of the IDF Armored Corps to permit graduates to work on the new state-of-the-art Merkava IV tanks.

Rabbi Gross, originally from Baltimore, has been involved in chinuch for over three decades. The rav acquired a specialty in curriculum development and continues consulting with schools in N. America and S. Africa.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Does he have any haskomos?

    For the good of the society this will be publicly condemned, as it should be- but if the lads turn out ehrliche and okay, in the long run it should/would be privately condoned

  2. Very useful, if push ever comes to shove, and the government goes through with the law to being mass arrests of hareidim, it will be useful to have trained hackers to engage in non-violent self-defense (especially since the hareidim community has sufficiently low internet use to not be vulnerable to cyberwarfare).

  3. This is a very positive development. Now they need to figure out how to protect themselves from extremists who hide behind the skirts of chareidus to paint their antics as “Torah.”

  4. #4my apologies

    My post was intended only for those on top or close to the top who grasp emotions ,subtlest indefinable delicacies, and ephemeral nuances it takes to direct a whole society of people forward.

    sorry, that would exclude yourself..

  5. We’re glad to hear you have the directing of society under control, About Time. It’s scary to think where the world would be without you. So kindhearted of you to be running the world, purely with the good of society in mind. Civilization as a whole owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

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