VIDEO: Bike Stolen In Broad Daylight From House in Boro Park


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A bike parked in front of a Boro Park home was stolen in broad daylight, Monday morning.

The homeowner tells YWN that the bike was stolen at 11:06AM, and the attached video shows it all.

The home is located on 19th Avenue between 50 and 51 Streets.

If anyone has any info please call the 66th Precinct, as well as the following number 917-444-7545


  1. Looks like at student on his way to FDR High School could resist the temptation of a bike sitting in the front yard. The cameras are great after the crime, but a simple lock would have protected the bike.

  2. I understand that stealing is wrong but when a gate and the bike are left unlocked what can the owner expect? If anything it’s “lifnei eeveir”