Shooting Attack Prevented in the City of David


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hamAs a result of successfully uncovering a terror cell operating in the City of David (Silwan) in Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Police working with security personnel in the City of David learned of a planned stabbing attack of security guards at Beit Ovadia, in Ir David.

20-year-old Ahmed Abasi, a terrorist affiliated with the Popular Front terrorist organization and Murad Mahmud Kustiro, 21, are in custody. The two told ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents during interrogation that a month ago they were enlisted to begin observing the movements regarding security for Beit Ovadia. This was in advance of a shooting attack targeting security guards at that location.

Abasi later decided that he would carry out the attack with a knife and axe instead of a gun. B’chasdei Hashem yet another attack was prevented.

Abasi also told investigators that he constructed pipe bombs and firebombs, which he gave to colleagues to use to attack other Jewish buildings in Ir David.

They two gave interrogators the names of dozens of other terrorists operating in the area, many involved in disturbances during the past year as well as rock-throwing and firebomb attacks against security forces.

The two in custody also admitted to attacking police with stones on Har Habayis in 2014, incriminating others for the same offense as well as rock-throwing attacks against visitors to Har HaZeisim.

Indictments will be filed against them and others in the coming days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Water-boarding is illegal.
    Getting information illegally through methods of torture – like talking and asking questions – is aggressive and I think Prez Hussein may bring it up at the security council. They should rather have let them conduct their barbaric terrism because who says they really wanted to do it? Maybe, just maybe, they were dreaming up scenarios that would gain them fame!! How could the Israeli barbaric army arrest them??

    Have you seen this report in the news yet??? I’m sure it’s אט, אט, אט!!!