KIDDUSH HASHEM: Chaverim of Rockland Member Saw NY State Trooper With Flat Tire And Stopped To Change It For Him


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  1. It would be good for us to remember that the higher level of kiddush Hashem is between fellow Jews(helping each other,achdus,learning and davening together and at shul etc…)or by ourselves (strengthening our personal commitment to Torah and mitzvos).Helping others comes from the great mitzva of darchei Sholom and helping an officer has other mitzvas to it .Yes there is also an
    aspect of kiddush Hashem but let’s understand our Torah and not get more excited by the lower level than the higher one.

  2. Nice! Once upon a time, the police would assist motorists change flat tires on highways. Seems sort of odd that the officer wasn’t able to do this himself.