Not Everyone in Kfar Yona Wants a Chareidi School


chederIt may appear to some in Israel that what is rightfully unacceptable against the Israeli Arab and Ethiopian communities may be permitted when it comes to the chareidim.

Residents of Kfar Yona are waging a battle to prevent the construction of a chareidi school affiliated with Shas’ Mayan Education Network, explaining “It would adversely impact the non-religious community in the region and the entire city. There are not enough students to justify a chareidi school and such a school is not needed”.

According to the Ynet report, the Pnei Meir Chareidi School that is operating in Kfar Yona is doing so in substandard conditions, with students studying in caravans. The Ministry of Education has decided to allocate 5.4 million NIS towards a school building.

The talmid torah building is planned on Dan Street but the opposition from residents has compelled moving it to HaTzivoni Street, the site of the caravans today.

One resident quoted by Ynet says “We must concern ourselves with budgets for other projects in the city and we don’t need a chareidi school. We don’t plan to remain silent in our opposition to the school”. City Councilman Avishai Baram is proudly aligned with the opposition to the school.

Baram tells Ynet “This is a totally non-frum community and we don’t want to compromise the character of the area. Building this type of school will attract other chareidim from outside to the city and this will harm us. Kfar Yona is overwhelmingly chiloni, and building a chareidi school is political. It is simply unnecessary. We will fight to have the budgetary allocation cancelled as well as the building plan itself”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Shas’ educational network is called “El HaMa’ayan” – not “Mayan” which were a group of people who lived in Mexico and Central America.

  2. Your headline is ridiculous. Consider a similar situation, Berlin, 1938, a headline such as “Some in Berlin don’t want a Jewish school”

    Do you not understand that most Israelis see Hareidim in the same way most Germans saw Jews in the 1930s? We are, to them, a “misfortune.” We are their disgusting less than human neighbors.

  3. It could be that the budget of Kfar Yona can not afford this charedi school if it only serves a minority of the population.
    Many families through out the world car-pool or get bused to schools of their choice.

  4. The Chareidim of Eretz Yisroel have established a reputation. When the Charedi population in a neighborhood reaches a critical mass they attempt to impose their sense of modesty and shabbos observance on everyone else.
    The populace of non-chareidim understandably want to avoid this.
    Just because it has become politically to force these communities to accept the Ethiopian and Arab communities despite the crime wave that they bring with them, does not mean that the non-chareidim should be willing to have someone else’s way of life imposed upon them.

  5. Considering how CHaredi have acted towards non-CHaredi in other areas is this surprising. Stop throwing rocks, spitting on people, putting up threatening signs and maybe people won’t oppose you so much.

  6. cry me a river, let see how silent they will be if a chiloni school opens in meah shearim, or we can just look at Ramat Beit Shemesh, the reaction that the charedi community had towards a Dati school….like i said, cry me a river