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Mosdos Veretzky “Glimpse” Clip Highlights Special Moments and Academic Milestones


Mosdos Veretzky released another heartwarming clip in its ongoing series called “A Glimpse of Mosdos Veretzky.” These short clips cull together beautiful nachas-moments in the everyday life of Yeshiva Ohr Shraga and Mesivta Bais Aron Tzvi Veretzky.

This new clip features scenes from the Lag Ba’Omer celebration, the Chumash Seuda, a Niflaos Haboreh presentation, the Mesivta’s Siyum Masechta, among others. As the year winds down to a close, the Glimpse clip provides a window into some of the veritable milestones achieved by talmidim.

Aside from the large number of parents, grandparents and Veretzky alumni who cherish these beautiful audio-visual collages, the clips have generated an enthusiastic fan club of chinuch enthusiasts.  The scenes beautifully depict the perfect synthesis of the Yeshiva’s chinuch motto, “Academic Excellence in a Positive Environment.”

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