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Pisgat Ze’ev Family Finds a Bullet in the Pool

bulletThis story occurred this past Shabbos when the Ben-Sassi family of the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood of the northern capital entered their pool. The pool is located in the garden of their home. They were surprised to find a bullet in the pool, which they quickly realized was likely fire from the neighboring community of Shuafat.

The family lives on Chaim Gevrahu Street, which is very close to the border fence of the neighborhood, on the border with Anata (Arab) and Shuafat (Arab).

Ben-Sassi explains that while there is relative quiet in the area of late, residents do not have it easy. “We barely close our eyes at night as we constantly hear gunfire and fireworks from weddings and family events. Now school is over and it’s worse. A year ago, during an event last summer, a bullet entered the living room of our neighbor upstairs and it was a miracle that no one was killed or injured. When will police begin doing something?”

Police officials told the press the bullet likely came from Shuafat and the department, along with border police, are doing their utmost to prevent such instances in the future.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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