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High Court Ruling Pertaining to Levayas in Israel

Kuvien_Images_Rav_Ovadia_Yosef_ZTL_Levayah-055The Supreme Court of Israel on Thursday, 8 Tammuz, overturned the ruling of a district court and ruled that gender separation during a levaya is illegal. The court struck down a lower court ruling that determined gender separation during a levaya is not illegal.

It is added the Ministry of Religious Services issued a directive in 2013, informing chevra kadishas that gender separation at a levaya is illegal and it cannot be forced on participants against their will. The bereaved family has the right to request it.

Susanne Ayad of Netanya filed a complaint in 2011, seeking compensatory payment from a chevra kadisha after forced separation at a levaya of a family friend. Large plants were placed in the eulogy hall to separate between men and women.

In her lawsuit Ayad explained that the gender separation was compelled over the objections of many participants but they opted to remain silent due to the sensitivity of the situation. “I felt humiliated and angry” she added, explaining she was “force to comply with instructions to stand in a designated area in a public space because I am a woman”, adding such a policy is contrary to the hashkafa of many present during the levaya.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. An even higher court has already issued a ruling that gender seperation is necessary. See last few lines of Succah Nun aleph amud beis and the top of nun beis amud aleph.

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