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PM Netanyahu: The Jewish People Have No Future Without the State of Israel

bibPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday 11 Tammuz, made the following remarks regarding the main points of the Jewish People Policy Institute’s assessment for 2014-2015:

“The Jewish People have no future without the State of Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora have no future without the state of the Jews. Thus, in order to ensure the future of the people, one must ensure the future of the state. The very existence of the State of Israel is under an attack from two elements: First – the physical threat as reflected in Iran’s attempts to arm itself with nuclear weapons, and second – the threat posed by the global delegitimization campaign that denies our right to exist. Therefore, we are working to ensure that Israel will have the physical means to defend its citizens and we are waging a determined campaign against the movements to boycott Israel and deny its right to exist. The key to dealing with these threats is an active – not just defensive – approach; we must denounce those who would slander us and seek our ill.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. According to the gemora sanhedrin 98 it is just the opposite

    אמר רבי חמא בר
    חנינא אין בן דוד בא עד שתכלה מלכות
    הזלה מישראל

    See rashi

    .מלכות הזלה
    שלא תהא להם שוס שולטנות לישראל
    :אפילו שולטנות קלה ודלה

  2. in Israel thousands of Jewish women give birth to ARAB children per year and give them names like Mohamed and Ali, so BIBI what is your plan on stopping this?

  3. this s the zionist position. it is avodah zora. and history contadicts it the yidden have been around for thousands of years and the state for 60 yrs.

  4. 1. Israel’s long term survival is hardly assured. If the Muslims ever stop shooting each other, Israel “goose is cooked” as they say. America is much more secure, and in golus, we can just get up an move elsewhere as we have always done.

    2. Secular Jews in golus will inevitably assimilate as has always been the case. A secular Jewish culture might survive longer in Israel but will eventually die off, since why live in Israel if you are secular and you can be “normal” by emigrating to Europe or America.

    3. #4 above is seriously misinformed. The number of Jewish women desiring to convert to Islam is minimal. Remember that the Israeli hilonim are ultra anti-religious, so the last thing they would do in join a group that is fanatically religious. They are more likely to reject childbearing (cf. the strong support for gay rights among the hilonim), and will die out naturally.

  5. so BIBI what is your plan on stopping this?…

    YOU ASK WHAT IS MY PLAN AND I WILL TELL YOU, we will draft yeshiva bochurim into our army, one of the most moral armies in the world may i add, have them blend in with israeli society, lose their idntification with yiddishkeit and then assimilate like other soldiers have annd have children that are goyim.

  6. #4
    Jewish women give birth to JEWISH children (who think they’re Arabs)(with names like Mohammed etc) not Arab children…

  7. I am considered a “Hawk” when it comes to Israel. However, I must object to these remarks if made publicly by the Prime Minister of Israel. The Jewish People existed for 40 years BEFORE Joshua crossed the Jordan to conquer the Promised Land and the Jewish People existed for nearly 2000 years since the Temple was destroyed without an independent Jewish state in Israel. Is this why the G-d of Israel as Protector of the People of Israel over the millennia despite attempts to destroy us each generation is never mentioned in his speeches? At the same time this does not detract from my repulsion when some disparage frum Israel soldiers who put their lives on the line defending millions of their fellow Jews.

  8. I think we can all agree that secular Israel is doomed, the only thing is how long will it take? #8 they are Jewish in name only and #4 did I mention they convert? No, they just have children named Mohamed this is what Zionism created, never before did jewish women have children WILLFULLY with the am hadome lchamor.

  9. “The Jewish People have no future without the State of Israel”
    Change that to:
    “In order to ensure the future of the people, one must stop passing anti Jewish laws. (Ie: ani-Kollel, anti-Yeshiva, Toievah, gender separation during levayos, kashrus, Chilul Shabbos, etc, etc, etc.”
    B’kitzur everything that Lapid et al stands for.

  10. There is nothing Jewish in Netanyahu’s comment. I look forward to his government falling before that of Moshiach’s institution of a Torah government.

  11. Bibi is partially right. The Orthodox has survived outside of EY and would probably continue even if we didn’t have a State of a Israel. But the secular Jew is disappearing outside of EY due to intermarriage. How many non-orthodox Jews fall of the America due to intermarriage? We are dropping like flies. Medinas Yisroel is what’s keeping the secular non-Orthodox part of our people.

    And Doc- that comment is just as idiotic as the Prime Minister’s. Unless you believe that the State of Israel has to be destroyed before Mashiach comes.

  12. doc: the next time you travel to Israel tell the border policeman protecting you at the airport or the member of tzahal who is guarding you as you travel to Jerusalem or the policemen in Jerusalem that there is no future with them. and then where will you go? to turkey? To Egypt to the Ukraine. The Arabs are fools. all they have to do is see the poison spewed by one Jew against another and sit back and let us fight amongst our selves. For Shame. I hope none of you have occasion to travel to Israel .

  13. Judging from the majority of these comments, it’s not so hard to see why the Jews who returned with Ezra to Eretz Yisrael thought so ill of those who remained in Bavel, regardless of their superior level of Torah and mitzvahs.
    It’s said that the 2nd Commonwealth and Bais HaMikdosh would not have fallen if all had returned.
    As we approach the Three Weeks, let’s remember that we are One Nation and we all need each other to survive and that the love and longing of Eretz Yisrael is a basic need for all of us.

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