HaRav Shalom Cohen Calls on Lomdei Torah to Remain in Beis Medrash and Not to Enter the IDF


Cohen, Rav ShalomHaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, head of the Shas party Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah, has called on bnei torah to remain in beis medrash, to continue limud torah and not to enter the IDF.

The rav’s letter was revealed on Kol Chai Radio on Wednesday evening 13 Menachem Av. Rav Cohen calls on everyone to be ‘mechazeik’ in one’s limud, especially during these days when one cannot know what will occur as amid an increasing disdain from among the nations, and the only true shield Am Yisrael has is from those who “toil in the Torah”.

The rav addresses the fact that some families are struggling financially, calling on the lomdim “not to be enticed by the so-called chareidim and non-chareidim offering money and programs to join one plan or another” referring to IDF service.

The rav quotes the Rambam saying all those working to “entice” talmidim into such programs have lost their share in Olam Haba and they are counted among the wicked and sinners.

Rabbi Cohen places the responsibility in the hands of the heads of kollelim, explaining they must guide the talmidim regarding their appearance in an IDF induction center and to request the talmidim immediate report any and every effort made to entice them to leave limud and enter the military. He calls on roshei kollelim to use all their influence to make certain avreichim make the correct decision.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Torah is supreme.Nonetheless, we must show our hakarat hatov to all the people in Israel risking their lives for us. If the religious will hate them, then perhaps the army should stop protecting them. Then we will have to rely on miracles and the Torah to shield to… Let’s see how far that goes.

  2. Shalom: Exactly right. From what I see, most Charedim do have Hakoras HaTov. The news only reports the wacko’s.

    The other side of is that many who do go to the IDF continue learning and not everybody in Yeshiva’s learn full-time either.