BREAKING: Charedi Man Stabs 6 in Jerusalem Toeiva Parade


20150730173112 (1)Six people were stabbed Thursday afternoon during Jerusalem’s annual gay “pride parade” and a Charedi suspect was arrested.

The wounded received treatment at the scene and were evacuated to hopsitals. Two were considered to be in serious condition and another was in critical condition.

The Attacker is Yishai Schlisel who also stabbed people at the Toeiva Parade in Jerusalem 10 years ago and was released from prison just 3 weeks ago.

The man ran at the marchers at the corner of Keren Hayesod and Sokolow Street at about 6.45 p.m. He attacked one person after another until the police reached him, Channel 2 reported.

Pictures of the suspect shown on Israeli television showed a man in ultra-Orthodox garb with a kitchen knife stabbing participants and then being wrestled to the ground.

Since the 1990s, Toeiva groups have held an annual mega-parade in the largely-secular Tel Aviv. However, in 2002 they began holding a smaller, far more contentious march through Jerusalem, amid bitter opposition from the city’s largely traditional and religious residents.

Unlike the Tel Aviv event, the Jerusalem march is usually met with loud counter-protests. In 2005 tensions boiled over when Yishai Schlisel stabbed three participants before being arrested by police.

In recent years, however, protests have been smaller as some leaders urged their followers to stay away from what they term the “abomination parade” altogether.

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  1. What a complete fool he is by causing such a chilul hashem. As bad as the gay parade is, no one has a right to take out a knife against another human

  2. I don’t know if the timing of this parade was to be Erev T’u b’Ov, but I do know that by definition a stabber is not a Chareidi nor a frum man.

  3. This man is a true eved hashem who deals with evil unlike the rabbonim who think ateen playing candy crush is the root of all evil

  4. “The Attacker is Yishai Schlisel who also stabbed people at the Toeiva Parade in Jerusalem 10 years ago and was released 3 weeks ago”

    Huh? Where were the police to monitor this guy?

  5. Referring the event as a toeiva parade is in poor taste. The fear and hatred generated by the ostracizing gay people, can lead to attacks such as these. To quote the OU statement “Our religion is emphatic in defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. Our beliefs in this regard are unalterable. At the same time, we note that Judaism teaches respect for others and we condemn discrimination against individuals.”

  6. This is definitely not the way of frum people. Maybe for “chareidi” but not for frum people. I suspect this man has mental issues though. Just look at his face.

  7. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!!!

    Could not have made a bigger Chillul Hashem!

    It’s now blowing up on social media, its trending worldwide on twitter. Irrelevant of the event. Dispicable.

  8. I completely understand that as Jews we don’t agree with the actions of the gay community but it’s still not right of the yeshiva world to call this a “toeiva parade”. Come on you’re better than that.

  9. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call for the charedi community. The self-aggrandizing crazy fringe is growing and it is growing ever more extreme and violent. Yes, the perpetrator is crazier than most but he is acting in a society that acquiesces to extremism. Inflammatory rhetoric not only sells newspapers in this day and age it also builds the reputations of politicians and, sadly, the reputations of some rabbis. For everyone’s sake, this must stop.

  10. Can you please change the name of the title of your story. It is insensitive to the families of the victims. Please change to simply say “parade” or “gay parade” (since you feel free to mention it in the body of the article).

  11. Just wondering, do you think Pinchas also made a “chilul hashem”?. I think the US has made us too tolerant of the sodomites.

  12. on him it says in the pasuk we read a few weeks back “Lochain Emor Hinneni Nosein Lo Es Brisi Sholom” Halacha Kanayim Poigin Bo How can anyone disagree and condemn even if they wouldn’t have the courage?

  13. The guy obviously has problems so you cant ask questions about why he did it. As far as calling it Toeva, what else should it be called, that’s what it is. If you think otherwise maybe this forum isn’t for you!

  14. @meshugenevelt @BASESTHER

    Let’s not forget that the penalty for male homosexuality is skila. It’s called a toeiva, that and idol worship.

  15. Its called Toeva because the Torah calls it toeva.
    I fail to understand why a frum Jew especially one who calls himself TORAHJew would to object to a term the TORAH uses.

  16. כדתניא… אבל מי שקורא ושונה ומשמש ת”ח … ואין דבורו בנחת עם הבריות מה הבריות אומרות עליו אוי לו לפלוני שלמד תורה אוי לו לאביו שלמדו תורה אוי לו לרבו שלמדו תורה פלוני שלמד תורה ראו כמה מקולקלין מעשיו וכמה מכוערין דרכיו ועליו הכתוב אומר (יחזקאל לו, כ) באמור להם עם ה’ אלה ומארצו יצאו

  17. These toeivahs have no right to parade in Yerushalayim. They should send each and every one of the sick individuals to an Arab country or Russia to have their parades or better yet, for their own protection, lock them up in a mental institution. These are sick, sick, mental cases and they should be kept out of Yerushalayim.

  18. @sushibagel I’m no expert on the Toeiva Parade, but technically “toeiva” only goes on the male version, so in theory if one of the victims was somehow there/involved for a different version, it wouldn’t be included in Toeiva, but rather “maasei Mitzrim” 😉

  19. Sad story all around. I know the guy – he was once normal with a family. When the first attack happened the court really threw the book at him (they even asked his lawyers to refrain from defending him – his lawyer told me that he had been threatened – so much for due process in Israel…) and this resulted in his giving his poor wife a divorce – he was in for a long lockup – broke up the family and so on. I had heard that his stay there had made him more extreme.
    Now he is released – to where? – and this happens. Sad sad sad.

    Frum girl22; do you also respect rapists? This too is criminal. I certainly do NOT respect gay couples.

  20. and what’s wrong with you people comparing him to Pinchos? There’s no heter to stab someone marching in such a parade.

  21. The only way to be a true zealous person is if it stems from loving hashem and loving the person – there is a sforno that says that pinchas purposely slew Zimri in front of klal yisroel so in the zechus of them of witnessing his death and not protesting hashem forgave them – meaning even at the very moment that zimri was in his ” kanoih ” mode he still had feelings of mercy and love towards his brothers even though he was extremely upset by kal yisroel actions but he remembered its hashems children and hashem still loves them if you do it without that you are not a kanoih but rather a person who doesn’t understand hashem and his relationship with us. .

  22. Regardless of these people, yes as a Torah Jew I disagree with what they do and I believe that it is morally wrong, however, we as a people, and as a loving and peaceful people have to accept and love these people no matter what. It is our duty to love them even if we disagree with them. Again, I am absolutely not saying that I support gay marriage and homosexuality in general but I do support love for people as a people especially if they’re our brothers and sisters. The worst thing we can do is to push them away from us. Why make our camp of Torah Judaism smaller and smaller? Rather, we should bring these Jews in and teach them how to deal with homosexuality in a way that agrees with Torah Judaism. It is so sad to see these ignorant commenters who think they have the right to play God. Let’s leave the judgments to him and love our fellow brethren.

  23. on him it says in the pasuk we read a few weeks back “Lochain Emor Hinneni Nosein Lo Es Brisi Sholom” Halacha Kanayim Poigin Bo How can anyone disagree and condemn even if they wouldn’t have the courage?

    Enough with the comparisons to Pinchas!

    How about, for starers, that even if the Halacha today actually is Kanoim Pog’im Bo, it only applies if they are actually engaged in the act. Marching in a parade is not a proper use of Kanoim Pog’im Bo.

    This was attempted murder, plain and clear.

    The Wolf

  24. Zionflag asks if he had a wife or someone else to watch his actions.

    Obviously, he doesn’t have a wife or anyone of importance in his life. He was sentenced to 12 years in jail in 2005 and doubtless will be given an even longer sentence this time. Rather than building a marriage and a Jewish family, he prefers to spend the better part of his G-d given years behind bars – a place notorious for ‘toeva’ activity.

    So much for his defense of traditional marriage.

  25. If the commenters on this story represent ‘the yeshiva world’ I want no part of it.

    What a misguided understanding of our mesorah you must have to defend this act.

  26. To all those saying he did the right thing, learn some Torah. Pinchas was a case of Kannaim Pog’in Bo. Nothing else here is a case of Kannaim Pog’in Bo. Mishkav Zachor is not Kannaim Pog’in Bo. Having committed Mishkav Zachor in the past is certainly not Kannaim Pog’in Bo. And meting out a death penalty yourself without a Sanhedrin is called murder. If you kill someone who was Oveir on a Chiyuv Misah, you yourself are Chayav Misah. This Meshugah did not do the right thing. He was dead wrong.

    Aside from that, some of those marching are not gay or involved in Mishkav Zachor. They just sympathize with those who are. And while this may make them Reshaim, Lifnei Iveir and Mesayeah Ovrei Aveirah is not a Chiyuv Misah.

    And yes, this nutcase trying to kill people does not make Mishkav Zachor any less Assur and the Torah still calls it a Toeivah.

  27. It’s toievoh cause the Torah calls it so, but since we are in goles we can’t take any action on our own hands we should wait for meshiach and he will tell us exactly…….. what to do with ALL these ppl!

  28. אבל מי שיש חילול השם בידו אין לו כח בתשובה לתלות ולא ביוה”כ לכפר ולא ביסורין למרק אלא כולן תולין ומיתה ממרקת שנאמר (ישעיהו כב) ונגלה באזני ה’ צבאות אם יכופר העון הזה לכם עד תמותון

    Therefore (and since Israel does not have the death penalty) the best thing a fellow prisoner can do to schlissel, yimach shemoi veyoivad zichroi, is help him be meirik his chillul hashem.

  29. Voosmachtee:
    Pinchas was on a much higher level than any of us will ever be. No one can ever fathom his pure kavonos when he did what he did. Anyone who thinks they can emulate Pinchos’s actions the way this unstable individual did is a danger to society and should be locked up for life!

  30. I think a little clarity is needed here. While the term to’eiva is the correct one, and the aveira is yahrog v’al ya’avor, these people are tinok shenishbas, to the best of our knowledge. There is no heter to harm them. The one who did it is in no way indicative of the broader chareidi tzibbur. The proof is that no one else did it for all these years that this person was locked up. Chances are good that he is a shoteh, and as much of an oness as the “paraders”.

  31. It’s amazing there are actually Jews in this forum who object to calling the gay parade a “Toeiva” parade. The Torah itself calls their actions “Toeiva”. This man is definitely a Rasha and probably insane but please, don’t apologize for the Torah!

  32. It’s likely the guy was not mentaly stable but anyone who can roundly condemn the act he did lacks a torah true heart. I never understood how the Jews all condemned Pinchas necessitating a proclamation from hashem but now I see that our generation is no different.Only a soul that is cruelly indiferent to the travesty that took place in yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh with the parade could so smugly condemn his actions today. Those whose souls are pained by the parade have a vastly different reaction. please stop a moment and think- in which camp do you find yourself. sobering thought.

  33. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Not only is this guy obviously an “extremist” right up there with the extremist muslims who cut off hands for stealing, but he has made a tremendous chillul Hashem.
    We’re in golus – even in Eretz Yisroel – and even if we lived in the times of the Sanhedrin, a person is only chayav misah after a din torah with edim and hasro’a.
    It’s about time the “chareidi” hotheads started having a little more charoda and a lot less azus. The world is just getting over the pictures of chareidim spitting at girls in bet shemesh and now they have this.
    And while we’re on the topic – let’s not pretend that there are no frum people who are oiver issurei d’oriaso b’meizid of one type or another in the course of their lives and I don’t remember any of them being stabbed.

  34. That a tragedy occurred through the hands of a Chareidi does not mean we should reduce or alter our view, the torah view on this sort of parade in Yerusholaim.

    It promotes a to’evah, and the parade itself is a to’eivah.

    We shouldn’t respect “pride” in a lifestyle that ivolves issur koreis for 99.95% of its practitioners and was the final straw that brought on the mabul. All the more so in a mokom kodosh like Yerusholaim.

    Shame on the commenters who think toevah is a underserved slur and wish to dilute our standards.

  35. My neighbor was mechalel shabbos, should i stab him?
    What a bunch of tipshim.
    How can anyone compare this obviously mentally unsound individual to pinchas? What this person did was completely assur and caused a greater chillul Hashem than anyone marching in the parade.
    The halacha of kano’i pog’in bo only applies during the act and if the act is being done in a public setting causing a chillul Hashem, and it has to be done completely l’shem shamayim.
    Oh, and pinchas asked his rebbe first. I’m assuming this guy didn’t make any halachic inquiries as to the permissability of his actions.

  36. I am surprised that anyone of sane mind can have any reaction to this psychopathic attack other than “it’s insane.” It isn’t “like Pinchas.” It isn’t helpful to anyone and only serves to alienate people from Yiddishkeit or worse. It will also give people a reason to latch on to the cause of the parade and it strengthens the parade goers’ resolve.

    Yes, the fact that these people made a parade in Yerushalayim is a deliberate attempt at inflaming religious people. It is an attempt to seek even more legitimacy in the eyes of the majority of Western Civilization who already see religious people as fanatics. So they did something provocative. All that this nut did was to amplify their cause.

    To those who think the stabbing was justified because homosexuality is chayav misah, how exactly were the halachos of misas beis din followed here? Seriously, where do people come up with such nonsense?

    All of that said, it is very perplexing that people have a problem with YW calling this the Toeiva Parade. That’s what it is. It is a parade which glorifies behavior that is called toeivah by the Torah. This is a frum website and we should not be shy about stories reflecting our views on social issues. While we must not tolerate vigilante violence in response to it, we may call it what it is even though the term Toeivah Parade reflects our religious beliefs and isn’t in line with what may be considered politically correct. In addition, this is a site that is intended for a wide range of people within the frum community. Some of these people are children and some of those children’s parents are not in favor of their children being exposed to conventional terms about lifestyles they don’t approve of. Personally, I am not one of those people but there is a sensitivity such an approach that I can appreciate. And you should, too.

  37. It’s very tragic. While they shouldn’t have the parade in Jerusalem, they’re shouldn’t be violence either. May redemption come soon

  38. I don’t know this individual but I can assure you one thing- most of the commenters here if they lived in Pinchas’s times would have make the same accusation against about him- no doubt about it. But G-d disagreed there. What he thinks here is unclear but I am pretty confident he abhors these people. Sad that this goes on in Jerusalem

  39. Why doesn’t the yeshiva world refer in stories about cheating in business as “Toeva business”. It says Toeva by even shlaima. I am in finance and I see the crooked things frum people do, day in and day out. No one is on the soap box on the thousands of frum yidden cheating in business every day. Everyone ignores that. It says Toeva probably 6 or 7 more times in the Torah about other issurim. So hypocritical. When it comes down to it, it’s nothing more than homophobia.

  40. We as frum jews are unfortunately getting more and more desensitized from the trut. orah is nitzchios. It says that the land will spit evil doers out. Does anyone realize that there was an EARTH QUAKE today in Israel approximately the same time. We need people like shlissel to bring us back to our senses unfortunately the frum community has gotten all to comfortable with this idea it has creeped up in our society. who knows what this guy did for us in shomayin giving us and all yidden in eretz yisroel and around the world another opportunity to come back to our roots. Why does it not bother us anymore why don’t we have the kanais for what is wrong. It shows where we are holding and how far we are from hakodosh boruch Hu. Then parents want to know why their kids are not davening. Why should they the parents are so far removed it is just show and tell not real authentic yidishkeit.

  41. @jchicago
    The comparison to cheating in business is one that often gets thrown around whenever frum people are vocally opposed to homosexuality. Please understand that although we absolutely believe both to be aveiros that are serious, the outcry against homosexuality comes mainly as a result of the glorification of the aveirah. Homosexual behavior itself, especially if practiced discretely, would not garner much, if any, serious outcry (even though we would still consider it a terrible aveirah) since we all acknowledge that each of us has a yetzer hara for different things. The real problem is with the validation and glorification of homosexuality as being ok or even an equally valid way of life to heterosexuality. This is much worse than doing any specific aveirah since it implies that certain parts of Torah are invalid or at least alterable.

  42. For the record this is from a Hebrew language Jewish encyclopedia on the instances the Torah calls something a toeva:
    זביחת דבר שיש בו מום (מנהג אלילי),
    לבישת כלי גבר על אישה ולהיפך, (קשור לפי הרמב”ם לאלילות),
    אתנן זונה לבית המקדש (מחזק את ההשערה שמדובר באלילות),
    רמאות במשקולות (בין אדם לחבירו),
    פסל ומסיכה (אלילות),
    משכב זכר דוקא (כתוב פעמיים ואולי היה קשור גם לאלילות בימי קדם [“כהן כלב”]),
    עיר הנדחת (אלילות),
    אכילת מאכלות אסורים,
    להחזיר גרושה שהתחתנה לאחר,
    ואיסור לתעב אדומי.

  43. It takes two to do this aveira so they are choti umachti es harabim they are also a masis getting someone else to do an aveira wich is punishable by death.

  44. The police should be as concerned about this provocation as they are about the “provocation” of Jews davening on Har HaBayis.
    A provocation is a provocation, why only “provocations” by nationalistic Jews (however misguided they are about visiting Har HaBayit) are considered worthy of arrest and attempts to thwart it?
    The government is not doing it’s job.

    A speedy recovery to the victims.

  45. Let’s make something clear: The word “homophobia” has no place on a frum website. The Torah commands us to be repulsed by these activities. We don’t condone actions that may be the work of a deranged person but nontheless the torah commands us to abhor these people. We can either be swept up in the culture and political correctness around us that glorifies these people and lables anyone that doesn’t pay homage to them, or we can follow the torahs way of defining these people. Choose one.

  46. I have been a frum Jew my whole life. For the past few years I have seen the rise in extremism in my religion and have become deeply ashamed to share a religion with people who can commit such acts. I read these comments tonight and have never been more disgusted with fellow Jews than I am right now. I can’t wait for all of you to meet Hashem in olam habah and realize you spent all your time on earth hating good people when all Hashem wanted was for us to love one another.

  47. Terrible disgusting crime, he should be punished with the strongest hand possible to send the clear message of how antithetical this typed of violence is to anything WE stand for. To all those here making comments commending this violence and using this as the forum to make disgusting comments against homosexuals ( such as ” send them all to gaza…”) you are all disgusting dark people with incredibly convoluted and warped views that share nothing with actual Torah views. I am horrified to even be associated with people that can think this wAy. May mashiach come today already.

  48. The commenters here can’t be part of the yeshiva world. chas vechalilah. This site was just destroyed by these comments. It will never be the same. Bl”n I will no longer come here.

  49. #72, I am not talking about what E. Schlissel did, but do you learn the Torah? Do you know that male mishkav zochur could be punished by a death penalty of a Beis Din?

  50. Congradulations to YWN for making the New York Times for this headline.

    And for those who compare to Pinchas. Pinchas did his actions while they were going on in public , While this might have been a parade to celebrate something against the torah, The actual averiah did not occur and the people who were stabbed were not committing the Averah at the time of the stabbing unless Zimri and Cozbi who were

  51. Lets say you could fight these urges that overpower your senses and send your heart fluttering when you see someone of the same sex.

    If it was the other way around, and you are born straight…would you/could you choose to be gay? Would you ever choose to be gay?

    No, of course you wouldn’t… can’t just choose, change your feelings like its a flippable switch…

    When did you choose to be straight?

  52. @Dustbuster82
    The argument against homosexuality is not about whether it’s a choice to be attracted to certain people over others. Frankly, I think those who bring up “choice of attraction” as their reason to be against it are not very intelligent.

    The only question of choice, and this IS legitimate, is what choice one has to ACT on their impulses. Of course, one has very little, if any, control over their attractions and feelings. But I think we have to acknowledge that people have free will to either succumb to those feelings or not to. Granted, this would be a very difficult challenge for anyone and I would never judge an individual who succumbed. But if we don’t at least acknowledge that acting on the impulse is a choice, I think we get into serious issues on what kind of slippery slope that is even from a secular perspective (remember, the pro-homosexual position would have to be that one CANNOT help themselves from acting on the impulse. This means that it has nothing to do with consent).

    The main issue here, however, is not even the act of individuals. The issue is the acceptance and glorification of it as equally valid to heterosexuality. This is a judgement on an act and not on the individual. The Torah says it’s a sin (even going so far as to call it a Toeivah) and there are even good secular arguments against the validity of homosexual marriage. I don’t see why this lifestyle should be glorified.

  53. Just because the website is called The Yeshiva World, doesn’t mean it has ANYTHING to do with the actual yeshiva world. It’s just another place for Jews of all backgrounds to hang out.

  54. Yagel Libi, you hateful person, if you want to blame a whole community for the act of one crazy, why don’t you blame the gay community for the march, or the secular community for tolerating and accepting it?

  55. Your publication is Toevia and the people who read it and call other human beings abominations are themselves a disgrace to Judaism and obviously don’t have a clue was the Kodesh Barachu ultimately demands from “good people.”