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Security Forces Remove Civilians from Sanur

idfSecurity forces moved into the ruins of the northern Shomron community of Sanur, removing the former residents and their supporters who arrived earlier in the week.

Security forces arrived at about 3:00 AM on Thursday, 14 Menachem Av, a large force of police and IDF soldiers. The evictees left without confrontation. It is pointed out a small number of youths originally stated they would not comply with instructions to vacate the premises, but ultimately, they too left without resistance.

The IDF declared the area a ‘closed military zone’ to prevent anyone wishing to support the civilians from doing so. Two border policemen refused orders and would not take part in the eviction despite being told that their insubordination was a serious offense.

The persons were taken to waiting buses and the operation was completed by 7:00 AM.

Some of those taken out of Sanur claim police used unjustifiable force as they were handled brutal fashion. There are allegations police used pepper spray against them and that an unspecified number of children and small children were injured as a result of the actions of police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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