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Probe into ‘Pride’ Parade Stabbing Calls to Dismiss 3 Officer in Jerusalem Police Command

schAbout a month after the fatal stabbing attack at the Jerusalem toeiva parade that claimed the life of 16-year-old Shira Banki and left others wounded. It is pointed out that Banki, 16, was not a participant in the parade and not a member of the toeiva community, but simply in the area.

The committee probing the attack perpetrated by Yishai Schlisel has announced its findings. The committee seems to feel that three officers in Jerusalem Police are to be held responsible for permitting Schlisel to get close enough to the parade to perpetrate the attack. The committee’s findings must be approved by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan if the report is going to carry weight.

According to the Channel 2 News report, the probe places the blame for police failures on the shoulders of a number of officers. That list is headed by Jerusalem Police Chief Moshe Edri, who will receive an official reprimand but nothing more. The report recommends removing a number of officers from their positions, including Assistant Commissioner Kobi Dudain and the district’s intelligence and operations officers. In addition, Assistant Commissioner Effie Havivian, a senior district commander, will also be censured and an intelligence officer in Israel Police Headquarters will be brought before a disciplinary hearing. All of this requires Erdan signing off signaling his acceptance of the report and its recommendations.

Schlisel was released from prison less than a month before he carried out the attack. He served a 10-year sentence for an attempted murder conviction after he stabbed participants in a Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade about a decade earlier. Following his release from prison he made it known that he plans to strike again and police did not prevent this. In a preliminary report released earlier, one of the points raised was how police could fail to detect Schlisel’s presence as he was wearing chareidi clothing, not exactly in line with the participants of the parade. Nevertheless police failed to prevent the murderous attack. Schlisel has since been indicted.

It is expected the report will be officially submitted to Erdan in the coming days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. This is ,once again, to defray incovenient attention.

    They received directions from the GSS – and who knows who else- to free him to ” serve their purposes”

  2. Please continue to headline such stories with the use of the term “Toevah” not “Pride” (even in quotes). Even in the context of a tragedy such as this in which incident people were killed by a chareidi, I would not expect YWN to lower its moral standards.

    If you’re giving in to those frequent left-wing commenters who deride, cajole and mock the use of the word toevoh, then this site has lost its real audience.

    It is now more than ever that we must reaffirm that very recent immoral legislation does not alter our position of aggrandising a lifestyle singled out as disgusting my the Torah.

    I also hope this meshugene is incarcerated in a maximum security mental institution for the rest of his life.

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