HaGaon HaRav Nebenzahl Warns Against Visiting Har Habayis


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hhaHaGaon HaRav Avigdor Nebenzahl Shlita, Rav of Jerusalem’s Old City, warns that visiting Har Habayis will bring a ‘kitrug’ on Am Yisrael. He explains “all gedolei yisrael have signed against going to Har Habayis”.

The rav’s letter was published on the Kol Chai Radio website, in which he warns that it is prohibited to visit Har Habayis today.

“על זה הי’ דוה לבנו על הר ציון ששמם שועלים הלכו בו, שועלים הולכי ארבע והולכי שתיים. אבל עוד יותר ידוה לבנו על אחינו בני ישראל הלכו בו”.

“כל גדולי הרבנים חתמו שבזמן הזה אין לעלות להר הבית כולו עד יבוא ינון במהרה בימינו. העולים עלולים ח”ו לגרום קטרוג על מציאותינו בירושלים משום שאין ההר שייך לנכרים, הוא הר הד’ ובית אלוקי יעקב, ואין רשות לא לנכרי ולא לישראל להכנס אליו בינתיים, גם אם איננו יכולים כרגע למנוע הנכרים”.

“ונזכה לבנין המקדש במהרה בימנו וצום השביעי יתהפך לששון ולשמחה”.

The rav explains that non-Jews are now owners of the holy site, but currently we are not permitted to enter and doing so will result chas v’sholom in a kitrug on our current reality in Yerushalayim, for currently, both non-Jews and Jews alike are forbidden on the site and the fact we cannot prevent non-Jews from doing so changes nothing for the Jews.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I dont understand these fools that regularly insist on going on the Har HabAyis. They are Chayiv Kareis according to Charedi AND CHief Rabbis. And they provoke, perhaps thats why!, the Moslems on it. When Moshiach comes the Bais Hamikdash will be rebuilt and we will go there when we are TAHOR only, whether Moslems like it or not. But I think if the “Nationalists” paid constant trips to Har HaZaysim , which is Strategic! and a massive ancient Jewish cemetary, it is more constructive.

  2. There is a typo in the translation of the letter. It says the Har Habayis does NOT belong to the non-Jews. (the article says non-Jews are now instead of not.)

    Please correct this

  3. BenK-
    I personally do not go on Har Habayis, however, it is worth noting that the Rav, Shlita, in no way says that it is assur to go on Har Habayis al pi halacha, nor is there a chiyuv kares, probably because it isn’t. The Rav in his infinite wisdom feels that for other reasons it is assur, ie: Aiva. Please realize there are other rabbonim out there that feel that this is not a case of Aiva.
    BTW- Almost everyone agrees that according to the strict letter of the law, it is NOT assur al pi halacha to go on the parts of Har Habayis that Jews frequent, and the rabbonim that ban it do so for similar reasons as above. Don’t forget many rishonim and achronim did go on Har Habyais, so be careful who YOU a being mekateeg on.