VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Yet Another Jerusalem Stabbing Attack, at Lion’s Gate [11:46 AM IL]



10:51: A female terrorist armed with a knife tried to stab someone at the Lion’s Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City. According to initial reports, the terrorist was shot dead. More information to follow.

10:54: Zaka reports a Jewish female was injured in the attack. The extent of her injuries remains unknown at this time. Zaka confirms the female terrorist was shot dead on the scene.

10:55: It is now reported there are two victims, both B”H appear to only have sustained light injuries.

10:56: Ichud Hatzalah reports the injured woman was carried to the Kosel area where she is being treated.

11:00: Police spokesman on location: A female terrorist stabbed, 18, a 35-year-old Jewish male in the Old City. His condition is light. He managed to draw his weapon and fire at the terrorist, who is in critical condition. It appears he was stabbed from behind.

Ichud Hatzalah reports he has a neck injury. Zaka reports there is a second victim too. One of them is in light-to-moderate condition.

11:13: Chaim Atias of Ichud Hatzalah reports that when he arrived at the scene he saw a male who sustained stab wounds to his upper torso near the site of the stabbing attack on Sukkos. That victim pulled his weapon and shot at the terrorist, wounding her.

11:19: MDA Spokesman: EMTs and paramedics treated victims of the stabbing attack. A man about 36-years-old is being transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in moderate condition with stab wounds to his upper torso.

The terrorist is being transported to Ein Kerem as well, in serious condition.

11:22: Shar Shechem is closed following the attack.

11:46: Shar Shechem remains closed to all visitors following the attack. All Jews have been removed from Har Habayis as well.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why are they treating the terrorist???

    The government and the doctors are giving a hand to terrorism!!!

    They should put salt on her wounds and let her die a painful death.

    It might have another terrorist think twice before stabbing another innocent victim