Motzei Shabbos Update on Terror Victims from Hadassah Hospitals


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teHadassah Ein Kerem Hospital officials on motzei Shabbos parshas Lech Lecha report that a 3-year-old girl remains hospitalized from an erev Shabbos firebomb attack, listed in light-to-moderate condition. She sustained burns and is treated in an ICU. She is conscious.

The attack occurred in the Shomron on erev Shabbos, in the Binyamin Regional Council between Givat Assaf and Beit El.

The other family members injured in the attack, parents and two siblings, sustained light injuries.

Hadassah officials’ add the female soldier critically wounded in the Kikar Adam stabbing attack last week is showing signs of improvement. The soldier, Dikla bas Ninette, is now conscious B”H and breathing unassisted. She is now listed in moderate/stable condition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)