Rav Pinto Passed Out on a Plane Before Takeoff to Return to Israel


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pintoRav Pinto has violated a court order as he did not board a flight to return home to appear in a court hearing, but remains in the USA.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto collapsed on a plane prior to departing from the US. He was ordered to return home despite ongoing medical treatment for cancer as the prosecution insists that he attend the next hearing in his case.

The rav boarded a flight in New York but passed out before takeoff. The rabbi was admitted to a New York Hospital, a hospital near the airport.

Rabbi Pinto’s attorneys have been fighting to permit him to remain in the US where he is receiving treatment but the High Court of Justice ruled in favor of the prosecution’s request.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Terrible thing that Israel should expect Rabbi’s to serve their sentences for crimes they plead guilty to, as part of a plea deal that allowed them to avoid prosecution on far more serious charges.

    Torture indeed, Michael B.

  2. If he was taken to St. John’s, he’s in big trouble. Of course, that assumes he is really sick. It’s amazing how he always collapses or has some kind of health crisis just as he has to go to court. How much more can he stretch this garbage out?