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The Untold Bedtime Story by Bonei Olam


Once upon a time I had a dream. I dreamt I would be sitting on this bed next to a sweet little boy or girl reading them a book, saying shema, singing hamalach. I dreamt I would give a kiss good night and get one in return. Yes, I dreamt of being a parent like everyone else. Isn’t that how life goes? You grow up, get married and have a family. Well, I learned that sometimes it’s not that simple.

I lie awake in bed at night wishing the sounds of a baby’s cry would pull me out of bed. I hear my friend’s complain about how tired they are and how their babies kept them up all night. I don’t understand them. How can they complain about such a gift? Can they take something so precious for granted?

I light two candles before Shabbos and cry. My mother lit 12. We used to sit around together, laughing, playing, singing. But the silence is deafening.

I sit here alone, on an empty bed, picturing the teddy bears that were supposed to be here. Feeling the soft blanket that was going to be my child’s, I wonder, will I ever have a family?

I have no one to talk to about this, that’s just the way it is.

But, there is one thing I must share with you. As did I, you probably think this issue is purely medical. That is simply not so. We can have a child, our doctors are sure. However, we have one little problem: MONEY! Medicine and treatment are not our problem; they are the solution. Money is the problem. We cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars it will cost us to have a child.

For this we turn to you.

Current statistics indicate that one out of every six couples are faced with issues of childlessness. Bonei Olam believes that no couple should have to endure the pain and emotional trauma alone, the organization serves as a bedrock of support on the journey to parenthood for every couple. Currently, Bonei Olam maintains 18 regional chapters in 5 countries around the world. Each year, Bonei Olam provides millions of dollars in financial assistance to cover the prohibitive costs of fertility treatments and medical procedures. To date, over 5,600 children have been brought into the world through the litany of resources provided by Bonei Olam.

Please, do not say no. Open you hearts and wallets generously and let me have the future I’ve dreamed of.

Donate now at and together we’ll live happily ever after.

The end.

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