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Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Receive a Bracha from the Holy Tzaddik the Veretzky Rebbe Shlita: Many Have Experienced Miracles


In Bnei Brak, there resides a holy tzaddik who touches the lives of all who come in contact with him. Many have heard of the renowned talmid chocham and mekubal, 10th generation grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, the Veretzky Rebbe shlit”a. However to know and hear of the Rebbe does not match the experience of seeing him engrossed in tefila with his chassidim. During what is known to be a very long davening, the Rebbe davens every word as if a powerful and timeless story is being told. Those who witness the Rebbe’s greatness cannot help but be impacted by the unbelievable excitement and enthusiasm with which he does the mitzvos.

Second only to the Rebbe’s powerful tefilos is his love for every yid. Having influenced thousands of Jews from all backgrounds in Israel, he prays for all of klal yisroel on a daily basis. Although many, many people travel from far and wide to receive a bracha, each one who comes to him with a kvittel is given the Rebbe’s fullest attention and tremendous love. He treats them as if they were his own child, and in turn, every person who has visited him feels as if he is receiving bracha from his own loving father.

The Rebbe is known to sleep a mere 2-3 hours a night. When chassidim insist that he must rest he asks, If another Jew is heartbroken, what can I do? With a heart full of wisdom and the weight of responsibility he says, This is why I came down to this world.

It is clear that the Rebbe’s mesiras nefesh has not been in vain.  Many have experienced nissim in the areas of chinuch, parnassa, shidduchim (matches), fertility, shalom bayis, and other issues after receiving his brachos and advice.

One of the many people who have witnessed miracles due to the Rebbe’s wisdom and guidance shares the following story:

“I came to The Veretzky Rebbe on a Monday crying my heart out. I am an importer of shoes in the NY region and I was in serious financial distress. For three long weeks, the Customs Department would not release a few containers that I had imported. Each day that the containers were not released, I was unable to sell the shoes to customers, which resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars. This left myself and my family in a dire financial situation. The Rebbe showed sympathy and mercy for me as if my troubles were his own. The Rebbe takes three hours to say the entire Book Tehillim each day, and he promised that he would include me in his prayers. The Rebbe gave me a Kamaya, which is given to people who desperately need a miracle. The Rebbe then advised me to say some specific prayers, then go to visit Customs Control while carrying the Kamaya that he had given me. The following Wednesday, Customs Control had finally released my merchandise.” D. B.

This example is certainly not the only one of its kind. Many who have visited the Rebbe have experienced yeshuos in situations of court cases, legal matters, and financial distress.

The Rebbe’s Melave Malke seudos, which include a minyan every motzei shabbos, are truly a sight to behold.  The Rebbe’s grandfather the Baal Shem Tov is known to have taught that any person who has a melave Malka with a minyan is sure to have Dovid HaMelech as a guest. Additionally, the Besh”t  said that after 10 generations of his descendants, he himself would be present as a guest at a melave Malka made with a minyan each week. Indeed, this means that two additional holy guests are present at each of the Veretzky melave Malka seudos: The  Baal Shem Tov, and Dovid HaMelech himself.  As making such a melave Malka is a shmira for a city, many communities have been m’kabel this mitzvah as per the Rebbe’s guidance. One such individual recalls the following:

“I had three daughters who were having difficulty finding a shidduch. The Rebbe advised me to take upon myself to celebrate the Melaveh Malkah every Motzei Shabbos with my daughters’ participation. Each motzei Shabbos, the Rebbe read my kvittel by the Melave Malkah. The Rebbe also offered a special wine to me that was used as a “cup of blessing” at the Melaveh Malkah. I used the “cup of blessing,” took upon myself to take the Rebbe’s advice, and that same year all three daughters got engaged.” A.G.

Surely the opportunity to meet and get a bracha from such a tzaddik would be the opportunity of a lifetime. We are excited to announce that the Veretzky rebbe will be coming to New York for three short weeks, and will use his time to give brachos and guidance to those who need yeshuos in New York. This is a truly valuable opportunity to witness the miracles that come from being in the presence of a true talmid chocham and tzaddik. Call (347)749-7929 to schedule an appointment.

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