VIDEO: Chareidim Angered of PM Netanyahu’s Announced Commitment to the Reform And Conservative Movements



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his address to the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in the USA angered the chareidi community in Israel, commenting on his plans to further embrace the Reform and Conservative Movements.

The prime minister explained that he has instructed Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit to create a round table for the different movements in Israel. Mr. Netanyahu explained that for a first time, together with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the government will invest in the development and nurturing of the Conservative and Reform congregations in Israel.

“I will see to it that all Jews feel at home; Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. We will ensure that the Kosel is a place that unites instead of dividing” stated the prime minister.

This marks the first time the prime minister publically spoke of strengthening the Reform and Conservative Movements.

In response, MK Moshe Gafne told the media “The Reform Movement sticks a knife in Toras Yisrael and Netanyahu’s words are more serious and demand clarification when he returns home”.

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman added “The prime minister’s words in support of the Reform harm us and are in direct violation of coalition agreements. We have known throughout the generations that the Conservative and Reform are destroying the Jewish People and we must not assist in harming Toras Yisrael. The prime minister’s words are most unfortunately and he is doing everything he committed to not doing”.

Shas faction leader in Knesset MK Yoav Ben-Tzur added “The position of loyal Jews regarding the Reform Movement is known and we are absolutely opposed to its path and this position is not changing”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Perhaps we Should Look for the Best Polite way of responding to issues. That may be more likely to succeed than bitter words. “Catch more bees with honey than vinegar”. For example regarding the Kotel it can be pointed out if we keep a Mechitsa than ALL kinds of Jews can pray at the Kotel, including the Majority who are Orthodox. On the other hand without a Mechitsa the majority (Orthodox) can NOT pray there. That we shouldn’t play Politics at Judaisms Holiest Sites. Is it a place to pray or is it a place for dumb demonstrations. TO have the Kotel area divied between Orthodox and others actually seems to Highlight Our Differences as opposed to Oneness. (and extra mechitsas takes up too much room. For example during Bircas Kohanim when tens of thousands of Orthodox come

  2. #1, shlugger, if you are American are you pro American government? Or do you want the Iranians to rule over America because of the American government’s support of abominable behavior? I don’t want Obama as president, I hate a LOT of policies the American government has adopted and yet still, as an American, I support the American government.

    Chareidim support the Israeli government because a Muslim Arab government would do with Jews exactly what they SAY CONSTANTLY they want to do c”v. But we are still against the Israeli government’s secular policies.

    Life is not black and white.

  3. to Philosopher.
    To make my point clear it is precisely as you said “would you want the theocracy of Iran” in America to stop all the things we dont agree with. Imagine if the chareidim were running the government, you would be able to stop all the policies you “hate” but also it wouldn’t take long before someone comes along and says those people are amalek kill them, they’re from cham make them slaves, he has a “din” rodef …. for this reason as an american and frum jew i believe in separation of church and state. I Know that when bringing rayos from the stories in tanach nothing can be concluded definitively but there is a seeming sepparation between the powers of the monarch and sanhedrin. the kings didn’t all exactly follow sanhedrin. still eliyahu showed cavod to achav…. also if I’m not mistaken the king cant sit on beis din. Israel is a secular state and lets hope it stays that way. let the reform and conservative be comfortable among us and they will undoubtedly be inspired to become frumer of their own free will. the torah doesn’t need your help, haaron nosei es nosav, its us who need the torah and we will be helping them see the light.