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Russian Legislative Efforts to Continue Battling Anti-Semitism

pulaRussian leaders are using legislative efforts in their continued battle against anti-Semitism. President Vladimir Putin has initiated a bill already passed into law by the Duma which prohibits extreme interpretation of writings contained in holy books. The purpose of the law is to bring an end to anti-Semitic initiatives and other extremists which awaken every few years by deliberately distorting interpretations of holy writings in provocative anti-Semitic efforts.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Beryl Lazar Shlita stated “I want to thank the president for initiating the bill and to the legislators who expedited processing it and passing it into law. The new law demonstrates that a free country respects beliefs and eternal values, which form the basis of human society. For many years these values provided the unity of our state as a multinational and multiethnic nation”.

“Unscrupulous persons, in particular supporters of extremist ideologies, always seek to misinterpret [writings] for their own purposes, to throw dust in the eyes of the public and cause intrigue and an irresponsible response. Religion is based on a central theme, that each of us is the work of G-d and therefore, we should respect one another, assist one another, and live in peace side-by-side one another. This is the main thing that studying these sacred texts teaches”.

It is pointed out this latest law is yet another step in the ongoing tenacious activities by Russian legislators to combat anti-Semitism along with the recent arrest of a journalist who published an anti-Semitic book.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. Would Yeshiva World please stop spreading Chabad PR propaganda? Clearly this was prepared by Chabad headquarters in Moscow as PR message and it is not news. Everyone knows that Putin is an ex-KGB officer, and while he is not an anti-semite and he is better than Stalin (that’s not saying much), this doesn’t give him much credibility as a good democratic ruler. Stop kissing up to him, Chabad – Russia is not a free country. There are many political prisoners there and freedom of speech is compromised there as well.

  2. “… Religion is based on a central theme, that each of us is the work of G-d and therefore, we should respect one another, assist one another,… ”

    Beautiful, We should really start teaching that to our children. We must arouse their compassion for all Human Beings

  3. Mosheb, democracy and freedoms are not really Jewish values. Not having good democracy/freedoms credentials is not a psul on Mr. Putin.

  4. mdd – besides for pretty democracy and freedom of speech Putin is responsible for thousands of people killed in Ukraine, dozens of people spending their lives in jail because of political view etc etc If that’s not a psul then what is?

  5. Moshb, those people killed in Ukraine were not executed on Putin’s oreders — they died in the civil war between pro-Russians and Ukrainians (including Ukrainian neo-Nazis).

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