Dr. Doron Katz of OnlySimchas.com Leads Crowd Funding Initiative to Provide Wedding Gift For Sarah Litman and Chosson


os-iconSarah Litman’s father and brother were killed in a terrorist attack in Israel.

As a result, her wedding to Ariel Bigel  was postponed to tomorrow evening in Jerusalem.

As a response to this terror, the wedding has been moved to a large exhibition hall in Jerusalem and Sarah and Ariel have invited the entire Jewish people to celebrate together with them.

“Many of us are unable to be present” explains Dr. Katz from his Monsey office.

After hearing the tragic news and seeing the couple gracefully invite the Jewish world to their wedding, Doron Katz felt that he could further the Simcha by getting Jews worldwide to chip in for a wedding present for the bereaved couple.

OnlySimchas.com has always been about providing a dynamic portrait of  Jewish Life and I know that many people are just sitting around feeling helpless during these turbulent times” says Dr. Katz.

He continues “Many people come to our site each day to check up on the latest Simchas and I wanted to direct that energy to the positive and help this couple’

The Monsey based doctor  plans on using GoFundme.com to collect the contributions and send the money to the couple as personalized gift from the Jewish world at large.

“We can’t dance at their wedding  but we are definitely with them in their hearts”

To contribute to the fund, see below link:

Click HERE to participate in this amazing campaign –https://www.gofundme.com/onlysimchas