Eida Rabbonim Opposed to Commercial Center Planned for the Schneller Complex


gavadWhile the new homes are yet to be constructed in the Schneller complex in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood, the Eida Chareidis has already spoken out against the planned commercial center of the development, which the rabbonim fear will become an entertainment center.

In the “stern warning” released by the Eida, the rabbonim explain the planned Schneller project was explained to them in detail and they are opposed to the planned commercial center will run the span from Amos to almost HaTurim Street on Malchei Yisrael Street. The rabbonim speak of the dangers posed to the area by such a center and they express their adamant opposition to the project. One of the avenues being weighed is a call from the badatz to boycott the center in the developers do not heed the beis din’s decision.

The heads of the badatz, led first and foremost by Gavaad HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Shlita, who is calling on residents and askanim to do what they can to prevent any expansion of the commercial center that exits today.

The badatz kol korei did not make mention of a Jerusalem City Hall plan for a cultural center for the chareidi tzibur. YWN-ISRAEL reported that one of the venues being considered in the Schneller complex.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But isn’t the government’s idea to use this development to make the neighborhood more “normal” (more secular, more zionist). They really can’t stand having hareidim living in the center of Jerusalem.

  2. Most residents are are purchasing/renting homes in Schneller Gardens need a commercial strip shop with a cafe, restaurant, food markets, hardware/appliance/electrical, book/magazine type stores. This is part of normal living.

  3. Heimishe Yidden have no need for a cafe or a restaurant and there are b”H many seforim stores already in Malachei Yisroel Street. There is no need for a shop selling magazines. Doing without these type of stores is normal living for the people of Geula.

  4. I remember once the Eida would not give a hechser to any restaurant that had seating for fear and man would sit with a woman (G-d forbid!} but time have changed and many restaurants have mixed seating with the Eida hechser.

    Anything that smacks of progress is a red light to the Eida for fear that the people in Meah Shariim might learn about the world and stop being frum.

    Instead of educating their constituents to be inner G-d fearing, they emphasize the externals like dress and mumble davening….

  5. Hershel, why do you think there is no need for a cafe or restaurant? Seforim stores are wonderful (and we need those too), but I just don’t picture eating a chumash for dinner. Those shidduch dating won’t find sitting on a bench eating a mishna brurah too delicious either. When my toilet is overflowing I will want that hardware.Don’t be silly! I’m going to agree with #2.