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Help a Lost Family in a Tragic Time!


The Monsey community is reeling with shock over the tragic passing of Mrs. Tzipora Unger A”H.

Mrs. Unger was a giyores who embraced klal yisroel and the Torah with all her heart and soul. She merited to build a beautiful family together with her chashuve husband. There was nothing more important to her than the success of her kinderlach. She was an extremely devoted wife and mother. She had a burning desire to live in Eretz Yisroel.  She was zoche to fulfill her dream and lived in Beit Shemesh for a few years.  However, financially it wasn’t working out for the family so they made many inquiries to determine the best alternative where her family can grow in Torah and yiras shamayim. They ultimately settled in Monsey where they were a great asset to the entire community.

Yesterday, as she was driving on Viola Road she lost control of her car and hit a bus. Unfortunately Hatzalah could not save her young life.
There are many old debts that need to be paid up plus the need to help the family through this crisis.
The children have now a mountain to climb. Will you just stand on the side or will you be there to help the yesomim.

Please open your heart and give generously.

Remember, we cannot bring back their mother but we can alleviate the pain by supporting them.

The family is in total shock with the loss of their mother who also a breadwinner.
Several friends and neighbors have gathered to try to raise funds to at minimize the pain of not having basic necessities.

This campaign is endorsed by

Rav Meshulem Nussen Speigel of Khal Tfila L’Moshe

Rav Aron Fink Menahl Ateres Bais Yaakov Monsey.

To show your warm support please donate on the following link:




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