What Now After PTA – Some Helpful Tips From Optometrist Dr. Aaron Schron


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You just came from PTA for your child.

The teacher says your child is very smart but does not seem to be doing well in subjects that require reading comprehension.

Your son was doing so much better in the younger grades but now that he is learning Gemara , he does not seem to “get it” and is losing interest and becoming a behavioral problem.

Your daughter somehow always copies the spelling words, incorrectly, from the board.

Here at Dr Aaron Schron’s office we are ready, willing and able to deal with these issues.

There are many school and job related issues that reduce performance and can be traced back to an issue with vision. Whether it is a matter of seeing clearly, inability to focus, dry eyes, eye fatigue or many other deficits in vision and visual processing, the end result can be the same. Poor grades ,avoidance of activities such as reading, computer work or sports. These issues can also adversely affect behavior and social interaction.

Dr. Schron sees children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents for Comprehensive Eye Examinations, Contact Lens fitting, including specialty lenses for myopia control and treatment of Ocular diseases. The warm and caring attitude in our office will calm even the most apprehensive child.

Estee our frame stylist will patiently help you choose eyewear to compliment your face while keeping an eye on your budget.

Dr. Aaron Schron



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