LISTEN: Michael Savage Slams YWN On National Radio Show



Michael Savage, the well known an American Conservative talk-radio host, author, and conservative political commentator slammed YWN on his radio show, Monday afternoon.

Savage, who is the the host of The Savage Nation, a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States, took to the airwaves to denounce the “public display of Menora’s”. Savage went on to say the he feels that religion should be practiced quietly, and not “in your face”.

Savage continued, “I know Jews are gonna get mad at me. There is nothing new about that. Get mad at me. See if I care. I have a thing on that, where they got mad at me in the past….I gotta find the story though….here…This was years ago….from the Yeshiva World


Listen below to Michael Savage:


  1. He is right about his politics but he so wrong about religion you should be proud of it and not hide it like the reform and conservative

  2. He is 100% correct. Jews have NO business placing Menorahs in public area. It generates more hatred and anti antisemitism. What part of Galus do these people not understand? Why cant we practice our religion quietly? Why does everything need to be made public and thrown in the faces of Gentiles? If we suddenly start seeing an influx of prayer rugs in different areas and Islamic symbols, we will get very irritated. Why then is it different when it comes to the Menorah display? It boggles my mind how these people fail to grasp any of it
    For shame

  3. I listened to this twice. I didn’t hear him slam YWN. He quoted YWN and slammed orthodox people who voted for Obama. FYI he is right. JUST SAYING!!!

  4. I’m a little confused. At What point did he slam YWN ? He merely mentioned that YWN reported the previous comments from 2009. Didn’t come across as anything too severe, maybe a bit annoyed but in my humble opinion he was just stating his opinion on the matter and how he is ready for the backlash. The goodthing was that YWN just got a free advertisement spot for millions of listeners.

    Since we are on the topic, for someone who doesn’t understand the publicizing of the miracle aspect of our holiday, the menorah in public settings may seem too much in one’s face. A lot of good has come from such exposure and I can’t expect him to understand the purity of intention in a world where the holiday season is commercial and over the top. So he voiced his opinion, so he mentioned YWN, it’s an opinion and time to move on. Nothing anti-religious just an opinion different from ours.

  5. I’m not wasting more time listening to him, but menorahs have no place in public. Besides the fact that we are in Galus (yes, unfortunately mashgiach has NOT yet arrived), reciting the Bracha is for sure a Bracha levatala.

  6. It’s weird because this is also the season in which many Americans openly advertise their Christianity, a little bit in-your-face sometimes, some of whom aren’t even Christian the rest of the year. And just a menorah is being in-your-face about Judaism?

  7. Here’s a politically correctly phrased question: What does he say about public displays of other religions?

    Here’s a social justice question: What does he say about public christian displays of faith? He must be racist to single out Jewish stuff!

    I actually agree that religion should not be a civic matter. Religion should not be displayed on public property, per separation of church and state. Since I don’t believe in social justice I’m not so bugged that he seems to single out Judaism, since YWN only posts Jewish-related things. Media agencies only share what they believe concerns their audience.

    Since I don’t care about talk show opinions I cannot be bothered to research more about this “Michael Savage” and his opinions.

  8. The חשמונאים went to war, to separate us from the Greeks (Americans). How could there be anything more silly than having a מנורה event with Jews and גוים side by side. Let’s wake up!!!

  9. Don’t be surprised at Michael Savage…a self-hating jew…whose real name is Michael Alan Weiner (see his Wikipedia article). By the way the same Wikipedia article states about him, “During the 1980s, Savage attended Friday night services at a Chabad house in Berkeley.[15] In a 2003 interview on The O’Reilly Factor, Savage has said that although he believes in God, he attends houses of worship only once or twice a year. In his 2012 book Trickle Down Tyranny, Savage wrote: “…I’m not religious. Do I believe in God? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.”[

  10. To those who claim menorahs have no place in public and are a brocho levatoloh you’re so wrong it hurts. The whole purpose of menorahs and the whole holiday for that matter is pirsumei nissa. In fact when there is pirsumei nissa we make a brocho even if there is no chiyuv to light there. That is why we make a brocho on the candles in shul and there are other examples too.

    Savage hates channuka because he is a hellenized Jew who the chashmonaim defeated. Why would he celebrate his own defeat?

  11. In fact savage did not slam yeshivah world. All he did was read a YWN article which quoted his opposition to orthodox jews attending the white house chanukah party. The title of the audio is misleading.

  12. Although usually very hostile to Orthodox Jews in general, and here as well, nevertheless on this issue he is (coincidentally) correct. The reason may his biased opinions , but its the truth. WE SHOULD NOT BE STICKING OURSELVES OUT IN PUBLIC. Its common sense and is against what we were taught to do throughout galus.

  13. #15, Chazal were mesaken Pirsumei Nisa specifically at ones window or door. Nowhere does it mention anything about placing Menorahs in Non Jewish public areas. What really hurts is to distort the original Hichois Chanuka

  14. Savage is an ignorant fool about Yideshkeit and many other subjects. He is the type of a Jew who thinks that by piling on his own people he will score some points and credibility with Goym.

  15. He’s always been a bigot and his show is popular with anti Semites. I’ve always been surprised that he’s popular among frum Yiddin.

  16. Yes it hurts to hear people making a Bracha levatala.
    It is a תקנת הגאונים that’s brought down in halacha to say a Bracha on the menorah in Shul. Only. Period. Not outdoors etc. So I’m sorry that it hurts, but it hurts more to see chillul Hashem and Shem Shamayim levatala.

  17. YWN must be thrilled with being validated as a relevant news organization.

    Forget the menorah business. Its not important what he says about that.
    Hes right about the jews voting democrat.

    Vote for the destruction of Israel. Vote democratic.

  18. He didn’t slam YWN. He expressed his opposition to the public lighting of the menora. Only Lubavitch does this and I don’t know of any mekor for this especially with a brocha. It seems strange that it is done with the presence of non Jewish officials because in Chanuka we celebrate pirud from darkei haumos. Additionally, if the large menoras can be lit outside, they should light their small menoras outside also since they are not concerned about sakana. Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky didn’t approve of wearing a talis outside even in Monsey. We try to do our mitzvos betzina myhaumos.

  19. This minhag was started by atsadik which knew halacha than anyone else that commented here and if you disagree than open up any of his teachings and you see for yourself vichakarta vidurashta heitev…

  20. He is right. Menorahs gave no place in the streets . I was getting off a subway and there was this massive menorah just sitting on the sidewalk! That’s not where it belongs . I understand that Chabbad tries to do kiruv rechokim but in a place where thousands of goyim are walking by who are they trying to be mekarev.
    Some comments also pointed out that the Christians display of their holiday is about 1000 times worse then us which is true but that doesn’t make it correct. The Christians are always trying to spread their religion to non Christians we don’t need to . Kiruv rechokim is enough for us.

  21. He is wrong on religion and wrong on politics. Even orthodox Jews favored Obama over Romney and now the Republican Party is being revealed as the party of bigotry with the popularity of the Trump campaign.

  22. Kvetcher you are displaying what a complete ignoramous you are. I am not here to teach you Alef beis but if you would like to learn the basics of this holiday please learn Sefer hamichtam on pesachim kud yuf Alef amus Alef and chazon ovadia channuka page 47. Learn a shtikle Torah before you run your big mouth ksil.

  23. I’ll bet WeinerNation has no problem with cratzmich trees, which is ALSO for a religious holiday?! Just menorahs he’s got a problem with.

  24. #18, nobody’s trying to make this into a Jewish country. This is a country that does not belong to a specific religion, and it should stay that way. And all religions should be allowed to publicly celebrate their holidays and keep their religion.

  25. Besalel don’t get bent out of shape. You can drink some vodka and dance with your friends. That’s also a mitzvah.
    First learn the gemora with rishonim and achronim, tur and shulchan aruch, mishna berurah and aruch hashulchan. Then you can think of opening your mouth.
    On vodka you can say a Bracha.

  26. Regarding making a brachah when kindling a large Menorah in a public square, a number of leading poskim have permitted doing so.

    See She’elos Uteshuvos Az Nidberu (R. Binyomin Zilber, vol. 5, ch. 37), Yalkut Yosef (Rav Yitzchak Yosef, Orach Chaim 671:9 p. 64), Mishnas Yaakov (Rabbi Yakov Nissan Nosenthal), Hilchos Chanukah (3:4), Rabbi Shalom Mesas in his approbation to Sefer Imrei Eliyahu, She’elos Uteshuvos Yitzchak Yeranen (Rabbi Yitzchak Barda, vol. 5, ch. 42).

    The underlying principle of this school of thought is that the halachah that applies regarding making a bracha over the Menorah in a Shul applies equally, if not more fully, to a public menorah.


  27. Savage never ever had 20 million listeners. The most he ever had was between 8-10 million as per Talkers Magazine. But now his numbers stands at 5-6 million.

  28. I personally heard R’ Ahron Feldman shlita say that the menorah should not be lit on the white house lawn because its a brocha l’vatalah so hes definitely right in regard to that