Remove Your Yarmulkes -It’s Jordanian Policy


jordanA diplomatic source in Jordan is quoted by the Jordanian el-Riad newspaper explaining an ‘incident’ in which men were instructed to remove their yarmulkes in order to enter the country.

The newspaper report, which quotes a Jordanian diplomatic source, is reported by Walla News saying “This is the policy that exists for many years and the Israel Foreign Ministry is well aware of this” adding, “Jordan is a sovereign nation and has the right to set entry regulations into place as it sees fit”.

The source is quoted denying that Israeli diplomatic officials demanded an explanation to the incident preventing Jews from entering the country while wearing visible Jewish symbols.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Remove yarmulkas but if you don burkas or hijabs or even those black full face covers, you’re good to go!
    LOL, that’s gotta be the joke of the millennium.