Baltimore Shomrim on High Alert After Burglars Keep Striking



The last few days have been quite stressful for the Baltimore Jewish community.

Baltimore Shomrim has logged over 10 home break ins that occurred. Crime has picked up and many are attributing it to the holiday season as criminals look for free holiday presents.

One of the leads regarding the burglaries that occurred yesterday is a dark color (green) Acura TL with tinted windows.

The BSSP has been given the following information by local law enforcement. The last four digits of the MD plate on the suspect vehicle are 5525. This is a stolen vehicle and law enforcement data bases have been updated to indicate that should the vehicle be apprehended and/or recovered that it is to be towed to Baltimore County HQ for processing.

Should any member of the community see this vehicle, under no circumstances should they approach or engage the vehicle. 911 must be called immediately. If it is safe to do so, take a photo of the vehicle and forward it to [email protected] so that it may be sent to the proper authorities. Only after calling 911 to report the sighting of the vehicle should you call the BSSP (410.358.9999) to report the vehicle sighting as well.

Additionally, as reported multiple times, be certain to record the serial numbers of all electronic in your homes, (Play Stations and other Video Games, electronics, computers, cell phones, personal tablets, etc.) Should these items be stolen, the serial numbers are placed in the data base and within 24 hours of the item being pawned, detectives can get a hit and pursue resolving the case.

Should any member of the community, see suspicious individuals in close proximity to their homes, or back yards, call 911 and the BSSP immediately. Be certain to take note (and photos when safe to do so) of the suspicious person(s), clothing description, height, age, race, hair style, hat, and the make, tag number, color and model of any vehicle that the suspicious person was in or near.

Local law enforcement is taking these crimes very seriously, we can assist by being alert and supplying the appropriate information as it becomes available.


  1. If you were a cirminal looking for presents, you would focus on houses with decorations for the holiday the goyim observe this time of year.

    And as the article refers to “Baltimore County” it doesn’t impact on the bulk of frum Jews, who are concentrated in Baltimore City (a different county, with different policy, and much cheaper housing).